…and it feels like rain

Well, it has come full circle. I started “xanga-ing” two summers ago when all my friends were doing it when I was an intern at Targetbase. Now, I am a full time employee at Targetbase and I am still doing xanga, even though my friends aren’t doing it… asoften as before.

I have found it extremely stressful moving into an apartment in one week. The steps that needed to be taken in order to get everything were relatively difficult due to the time constraints. I finally signed my life away for 13 months to Camden Valley Park (21% percent approval rating by one of the websites). It is pretty nice I think. Pictures will be posted as soon as I get things situated. The biggest struggle has been getting my electric in my name. The word on the street is credit cards are bad, but apparently, a necessity. I thought I have been building credit the past two years by having electric in my name in Stillwater, but they don’t take that into the credit score down here I guess. So I have been paying extra deposits for everything around here. Having no money to do so hasn’t helped either.

But in other news…. I live in Valley Ranch, right across the street where the Cowboys practice and where Romo is trying to redeem himself after last year’s slip-up <—- get it!?!?!



  1. dajukie7

    those apartment rating sites are whack, people always give them bad ratings. they say “our neighbors were too loud.” When you live in a apartment, your neighbors sink is loud, get over it you puss. Try living next to crackheads and being comfortable!

  2. slkdjfod

    you should boo romo from your window every day.  and through tissue boxes over the fence for t.o.  i wanna come down there soon.  probably a weekend in july (other then the weekend you’ll be in the city).  hopefully it’s more than just me, but i’m sure that’s really all you want, right?  get the candles ready.

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