Pictionary in 3…2…1…go

    OKC1 OR caesar_3 ????

I AM31069.









3.) DSC06358

IN THE END, IT IS MY  nbc decision 2008 .

WHEN IN rome_coliseum!

Take your guess by commenting….

Possible solution: “Aerial view or Julius Caesar? I am pumped that I have 4 fingers. My options are as follows: 1.) Become an amateur cartoonist. B.) Crash a UHaul truck never to get my deposit back or 3.) Build FedEx forts and get paid pretty well for it only before going ballistic to a fitting song. In the end, it is my presidential election. When in bottomless acient coliseum.”

Solution: “Oklahoma City or Bust??? I am in a pickle at the moment. My options are as follows: 1.) Begin interviewing for jobs down here. B.) Move back to Oklahoma City 3.) Continue to work at Targetbase and probably dominate a computer screen or two before being fired. In the end, it is my decision. When in Rome.


  1. dajukie7

    I think that I get all of it, except for the julius ceaser, lemme guess:
    “Oklahoma City or Bust, I am in a pickle.  My options are a) work part time somewhere b) move back 3) build box forts.  In the end, its my decision, when in rome.” close?

  2. slkdjfod

    Damn, Scott beat me to it, but that’s what I was going to say!  I love that video, especially how everyone in the background is just hanging out not even doing anything.  They’re probably thinking to themselves, “Man that person is so screwed, haha.”  

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