Month: January 2010

Don’t Stare At It

Why is staring directly at the sun not as big of a deal as an adult as it was when we were kids? I swear I heard it at least twice a day all through elementary school, but I’ve maybe heard it 4 times total since the 2nd semester of 7th grade. Seriously though, it’s like as soon as I started learning what a rhombus was, looking into the sun was on the back burner of every educator I came in contact with. I guess once maybe puberty hits, your retinas develop just the same and become stronger? (EDIT: Everyone knows that I didn’t hit puberty until High School, so don’t even think of making on comment on that!) I’m pretty sure I looked at it recently and it hurt just as a remember and was unable to stare for the amount of time I had hoped for. When the next solar eclipse rolls around, are we going to hear from our bosses, “don’t look at it directly, here, take these glasses that have an undeveloped roll of film as lenses and then you can look at it.” I don’t think so. It’s just not on anyones’ minds anymore. Why I ask?!? It still does just as much damage, I’m sure, and we all need a reminder every now and then. Next time you’re out and about on a sunny day, just stop and say to your neighbor, coworker, friend, high schooler, “Hey, remember not to stare directly at the sun… and don’t sit so close to the TV either.”

This has been a PSA from yours truly. MIND BLOWN!!

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

I actually don’t know what that means and if you know me I HATE “office” sayings. (Top 3 Most Hated “Office” Sayings – 1) It is what it is. 2) It is what it is. 3) Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other.)

I recently put in an offer for a house that I really really liked. Got all the paper work squared away and I had big plans for the house. Found out yesterday that another offer was put in at the same time and therefore they’d be taking the best offer. I apparently came up on the short end of the stick on this one. It’s not the end of the world as it wasn’t my house to begin with and I’m sure there are plenty to choose from. So now, I’m back at the beginning… looking online at houses and trying to determine which ones merit a visit by yours truly. Whatevs.

Marathon Training: Day 37 or something around there – Running is actually going great. I have really started to like running and miss it when I missed a day or something. I usually make up the day on one of my days off so I haven’t been slacking. The first 2 weeks I slacked a little bit due to the holidays and all but I’m really picking it up now. I ran a personal best (since high school) last week when running 4 miles and I ran an all time high this past Saturday by running 11 miles in Lawton. I have also dropped a few LBs. I have been doing a great job watching what I eat and as a result my belt is down one notch. Boom!

As I sign off for the time being, I will leave you with these little nuggets. I hate clowns/Chucky/porcelain dolls more than I hate office sayings and my friends think it is funny to send me clown/doll pictures right before I fall asleep. Here is a recent transcript of my friends twitter feeds after I was initially sent this picture:

@slkdjfod: @OSUdoon she talks too

@slkdjfod: @OSUdoon this is for you too. RT @mashable: Walmart’s Scary Clown Ad Goes Viral, Haunts Kids’ Dreams [VIDEO] –

@yodaman101: @OSUdoon @slkdjfod actually this one is way better for clowns

@slkdjfod: @OSUdoon @yodaman101 this one even gives me the goosebumps

The hatred towards clowns/porcelain dolls/Chucky and “office” sayings is equal to the hatred towards my friends right now.

Warriors, Come Out To Play

Speed management. Lung strengthening. Punch dancing my rage out.

All these things lead up to one glorious, fury-filled 5k. I can see the finish line and I can almost taste it. I’m muddy, winded, dehydrated and basking in the glory of finished 312th out of 500 in my heat with a tall cold one in my hand and a buffalo hat on top of my head. WARRIOR DASH! Forney, TX USA! May 1st, 2010!

The Warrior Dash is “where 14 obstacles from hell await along this 3.51 mile course.” I know what you thinking and yes, I am going to look good in mud and also yes, 3.51 miles is more than 5k. 5k sounded better than “furry-filled 3.51 mile course.” The 14 obstacles include:

  • Tornado Alley
  • Walk the Plank
  • Rio Run
  • Black Forest
  • Strait Rush
  • Mud Climb
  • Mud Slide
  • Bunker Blitz
  • Hay Fever
  • Breathless Bog
  • Splintering Spools
  • Cargo Climb
  • Warrior Roast
  • Muddy Mayhem

These 14 obstacles, once completed, earn you a free beer at the end. BOOM! Costumes are encouraged and we are now taking considerations. Suggestions thus far are the Ghostbusters (of course excluding Ray Parker, Jr.), the Ninja Turtles (excluding the 5th one and the female genitalia), and my personal fav, Tim Tebow (jean shorts and red face paint included with excessive screaming the entire time). Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section.

Quick recap of the weekend for yours truly: Friday, didn’t do a dang thing except relax. Saturday rolls around and I got up and completed a 9 mile run in 15 degree temperatures. I ran from my roommates’ house to Reno and back. It was intense. Then my girlfriend and I then went to Lawton to celebrate her nephew’s 5th birthday party. It was pretty fun. We both pwned some 5 year olds at skeeball. It was legit. Sunday, we hung out around the house and then went and had lunch at Cheddar’s which was fantastic as usual. She had to go back to work/murder mice Sunday night so she didn’t get to stick around for my family’s fish fry. It was hard to stay away from the fried fish and the cheesecake that was for dessert, but I did. That was a victory in itself.

The Safe Word is “Whiskey”

Good Morning. I digress.

I’d like to welcome you to my first post of what I am hoping to be a groundbreaking and revolutionary blog. If not that, then I will settle for a soapbox for myself. That should be good enough.

Two Thousand and Ten (aka Twenty-Ten) is upon us and with a new year comes new ambitions and resolutions. I started mine back in mid-December because I was freakin’ pumped to get started. Here is a “run down” of what is on my list. I have several and I keep adding to it for some reason so here goes:

  • Lose a few L-Bs – I can stand to lose a few. I have what doctors call a little bit of a weight problem. Used to grab bear claws and eat ’em two at a time.
  • Train for a marathon – I am now in week three and up to 21 miles a week now. That will be increasing each week and I’m thinking that resolution #1 will come as I continue with resolution #2.
  • Buy a house – This too is in the works. I ran into a little hiccup recently but if I were to choose any hiccup to have in the process of buying a house, I would choose to have this hiccup. My girlfriend and I are trying to decide if moving in together is possible and/or financially responsible (wow… being an adult is tough).
  • Stop drinking coke – This one is now in week 3 as well and will definitely help with #1. I quit drinking coke back in my freshmen year of college nearly 7 years ago and didn’t have a sip for right under a year.
  • Work towards an MBA degree a Masters of Business Administration – I first have to figure out if an “an” was appropriate in the sentence, “Work towards an MBA degree.” From there, the next step is to take the GMAT which I hope to take in the next couple months.
  • Read a little more – I have 3 or 4 books on my list so I’m going to get started soon with Let The Great World Spin.

That’s it so far. I guarantee you that a few more will be added within the next few weeks but I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing with these things.