The Safe Word is “Whiskey”

Good Morning. I digress.

I’d like to welcome you to my first post of what I am hoping to be a groundbreaking and revolutionary blog. If not that, then I will settle for a soapbox for myself. That should be good enough.

Two Thousand and Ten (aka Twenty-Ten) is upon us and with a new year comes new ambitions and resolutions. I started mine back in mid-December because I was freakin’ pumped to get started. Here is a “run down” of what is on my list. I have several and I keep adding to it for some reason so here goes:

  • Lose a few L-Bs – I can stand to lose a few. I have what doctors call a little bit of a weight problem. Used to grab bear claws and eat ’em two at a time.
  • Train for a marathon – I am now in week three and up to 21 miles a week now. That will be increasing each week and I’m thinking that resolution #1 will come as I continue with resolution #2.
  • Buy a house – This too is in the works. I ran into a little hiccup recently but if I were to choose any hiccup to have in the process of buying a house, I would choose to have this hiccup. My girlfriend and I are trying to decide if moving in together is possible and/or financially responsible (wow… being an adult is tough).
  • Stop drinking coke – This one is now in week 3 as well and will definitely help with #1. I quit drinking coke back in my freshmen year of college nearly 7 years ago and didn’t have a sip for right under a year.
  • Work towards an MBA degree a Masters of Business Administration – I first have to figure out if an “an” was appropriate in the sentence, “Work towards an MBA degree.” From there, the next step is to take the GMAT which I hope to take in the next couple months.
  • Read a little more – I have 3 or 4 books on my list so I’m going to get started soon with Let The Great World Spin.

That’s it so far. I guarantee you that a few more will be added within the next few weeks but I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing with these things.

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