Life of the Moderately Successful and Adult

Figured I’d drop some knowledge on you folks and give you a update on things happening in the life of the moderately successful and adult.

To kick things off, I’m going to review a few things over there in the right hand corner titled “5 Things I’m Doing.” My marathon training is kicking in to high gear. This past week, I ran 33 miles including a long run of 18 yesterday. I ran the 18 miler 9 seconds faster per mile than my goal race pace so that was exciting. I finished in 2:42:05 which is exactly at 9 min/mile. I have a “light” week ahead of me but the weekday runs are somewhat longer than what I’m used to. I’m feeling good about this marathon as the race quickly approaches.

I’m a homeowner! Kind of. We have a contract signed and now I have to do a few things for the mortgage to go through and for everything to go down smoothly in closing. I will be contacting a home inspector this week to go through the house and to make sure things are working correctly before I move in. We are supposed to be closing on Tuesday, April 6th, so I have some work to do before that. When I do get possession of the house, I would like to do a few cosmetic things to the house. First, I going to need to replace the carpet in the house. So if you know of anyone with carpet connections (looking at you Kurtis) I need the hook up. Then I would like to have tile laid down in both bathrooms and entry way just to give it an updated feel. Also, there is the kitchen light that is kind of outdated, so I’m going to be getting rid of that before things are said and done. I’m excited about this whole situation even though it’s somewhat stressful and I know I’m going to be broke reaaal quick.

That’s pretty much it for the time being. I have a post queued up to go over the details of my “Kick-Off the Summer Vacation.” Beth and I are driving to New York City at the end of may. Should be a great time! So I’ll let you know when that write-up is posted.

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