Month: April 2010

4:11:16 – A Doonkeen Dot Com Exclusive

April 25th, 2010. I completed my first marathon in Four hours, Eleven minutes, and Sixteen seconds. The 10th running of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon – A Run to Remember was a great marathon to choose to be my first. Over 23,000 participants lined the street in front of the Oklahoma City National Memorial at 6:30am to kick off what proved to be an exciting/excruciating 4+ hours.


Many people ask what goes through your mind when running a marathon and honestly not a whole lot goes through your mind. For a solid 3 1/2 hours, it’s “left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot,” but there were a few distinct moments that I remember where I was and what I was thinking throughout the 26.2 miles.


  • 17 minutes before start time – “Gotta find a bathroom quick! There’s one.”
  • 3 minutes before start time – “Gotta find a bathroom quick! Need to stretch but I can’t really bend down much as I’m dry humping that 55 year old that’s standing in front of me. I’ll forgo the bathroom break.”
  • Mile 0.0 – “Amazing at how many people there are and how many people are cheering runners on at 6:30 on a Sunday morning.” There was a huge smile on my face as I crossed the start line in front of the Memorial.
  • Mile 1 – “That lady is running barefoot.”
  • Mile 3 – “This is so awesome running up to the Capitol with the sun rising in the east, directly where the statue on the dome is looking.”
  • Mile 5 – “Seriously, only 5 miles…..”
  • Mile 7 – “That’s a great sign.” It read, “RUN THIS BI@#$%@”
  • From mile 7 to mile 13.1 I don’t really remember much
  • Mile 13.1 – “HAAALLFFFWAAYYYY”
  • Mile 14.5 – “Thank goodness we don’t have to run into the wind any more!”
  • Mile 15.8 – “I lied.”
  • Mile 15.9 – “There should really be more water stops even though they have them everywhere.”
  • Mile 16.2 – “Single digit miles left!”
  • Mile 17 – “Thank goodness we don’t have to run into the wind any more!”
  • Mile 17.5 – “I’m glad I wore this Thunder shirt, I love it when they chant, “BEAT L.A.” as I run past them.”
  • Mile 21 – “SH@!#@” as I hit the proverbial wall that everyone talked about
  • Mile 22 – “I am just hoping to finish now.”
  • Mile 22.8 – “There’s that pace group I should have stuck with from the beginning…..” as it passed me.
  • Mile 23.5 – “Stretch it out, stretch it…damn, this sucks”
  • Mile 24 – Some guy runs by me and says, “Come on now” and that’s all it took, I kept pace with him until the end. Thanks stranger that ran past me, you saved my race!
  • Mile 25 – “This is it, home stretch! Let’s pick it up!”
  • Mile 25.5 – “AMAZING!!! I’m about to finish a marathon and all these people are cheering for me to finish.”
  • Mile 26.1 – “Look, it’s Beth.. and my parents…and Elvis. YES!”
  • Mile 26.2 – “DONE! It’s 10:40 on a Sunday morning and I just ran 26.2 miles. Where did my legs go? I can’t really feel them. I’m still kind of looking for that bathroom from the beginning.”
  • 4 minutes after finishing – “My leegggsssss.”

    [EDIT}The kid that blows past me at the end only had ran 5K at this point because he was the last leg of a relay… (I’m only saying this to make me look less pathetic as an 11 year old leaves me in the dust)


That was my first marathon racing experience. It was grueling from mile 21-24 but after crossing the finish line at 26.2 miles, I felt so accomplished and even though I didn’t meet my goal time at 4 hours, I was ecstatic to have finished a full marathon. I have been drawn into the NYC Marathon on November 7th, 2010 so I plan to keep running. I love how I got somewhat addicted to running and that I actually made time to train. It’s a great feeling to have finished a full marathon for the first time in my life! Run on!

I’m A Homeowner

I’M A HOMOwner!!! I closed on my house this past Monday, April 5th. It took all of about 50 minutes, but my part took around 35 minutes or so. I “skimmed” over all the important paper work and signed what I needed to sign. You have to sign those pieces of paper anyways in order to get the house. Whatevs.

Now that I’m in my house, the real work begins. I’ve started a video journal of the progress on youtube which can be found onYouTube and I’ll also be updating on here hopefully. Right now, I’m sitting on the master bedroom cement foundation writing this as a painter/texture-er is out in the living room adding texture to my ceiling and kitchen. My butt’s cold.

We’ve done a ton of work already and this weekend, hopefully things will start to shape up. I’ve had the help of some of my friends on this project and I appreciate them. My friends, Scott and Josh have helped out and I’ve had several offers from others to come help as well. They’ll regret that. I’ve actually done only one thing that makes the house look like it will in the end and that is we’ve painted the back two bedrooms. It looks good and I’m excited to I’m seeing progress now.

Here is a quick rundown (what’s a rundown) of the happenings:


Hopefully, I’ll keep updating videos and you can check back and take a look-see.