I’m A Homeowner

I’M A HOMOwner!!! I closed on my house this past Monday, April 5th. It took all of about 50 minutes, but my part took around 35 minutes or so. I “skimmed” over all the important paper work and signed what I needed to sign. You have to sign those pieces of paper anyways in order to get the house. Whatevs.

Now that I’m in my house, the real work begins. I’ve started a video journal of the progress on youtube which can be found onYouTube and I’ll also be updating on here hopefully. Right now, I’m sitting on the master bedroom cement foundation writing this as a painter/texture-er is out in the living room adding texture to my ceiling and kitchen. My butt’s cold.

We’ve done a ton of work already and this weekend, hopefully things will start to shape up. I’ve had the help of some of my friends on this project and I appreciate them. My friends, Scott and Josh have helped out and I’ve had several offers from others to come help as well. They’ll regret that. I’ve actually done only one thing that makes the house look like it will in the end and that is we’ve painted the back two bedrooms. It looks good and I’m excited to I’m seeing progress now.

Here is a quick rundown (what’s a rundown) of the happenings:


Hopefully, I’ll keep updating videos and you can check back and take a look-see.

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