Month: September 2010

You’re So Last Summer

(Listening to a little TBS as I write this)

Summer is coming to a close and of course by summer, I mean weekends during May through August. Summer hasn’t been “summer” for quite some time for me. Not that I mind it too much because I do enjoy getting paid. This summer was kicked off by a road trip to NYC. It was fantastic. A total of 49 hours in the car, a random “hostel” in western Pennsylvania, $168 in traffic fines (two separate tickets) and some awesome food and memories. This summer was also the summer of weddings. I had a total of 6 to attend so that consumed many Saturdays this summer. The first one was at the beginning of May, the last one was the middle of August so it spanned the entire summer. The dance floor was a huge hit at the majority of these. It was awesome. Only made it to the lake twice. That was the only disappointing thing that happened throughout the summer. I made up for the lack of lake by maxin’ and relaxin’ all cool by the pool with friends a number of weekends though. That pretty much sums up the whole summer. Weddings and sun. Loved it!

Football season is fast approaching as is the cooler weather which I am definitely looking forward to. Go Pokes!!