Month: December 2010

Zaleski, Ohio

Twenty-Ten is wrapping up and there have been a few changes that have taken place within the past year. I’m getting back to my “Sweet and Sour Sauce” days of doing things. I’m flying by the seat of my pants and I love living the WHYNOT lifestyle. That’s how I will be bringing in the new year.

Looking back at my 2010 New Year’s Resolutions, I did pretty well in accomplishing the majority of them. Here is a look back:

  • train and run in a marathon – check… twice.
  • lose weight – check… I was looking very pleasantly plump just because I didn’t do anything. It needed to happen big time and did. Back to my playing weight.
  • stop drinking coke – kind of check… It happened for 6 months but I got back on that horse. I think I’ll add that to 2011.
  • purchase a house – check… regrettably (kind of).
  • purchase “other things” – didn’t happen….came close but things fell through.
  • get accepted in an MBA program – check… got accepted into the MBA program at UCO, but decided to hold off.

The biggest surprise to come out of 2010 was me becoming a runner. I always got comments from people saying, “You must put in a lot of work at the gym to get your body looking like a soft-shelled turtle.” So I figured I needed to drop a few El-Bees at the beginning of this past year and to do so, I took up running. I set out to run one marathon and finish. It didn’t matter my time or my place, but I just wanted to finish. I printed off a training program, spent quite a bit of cash to get everything I needed for winter running and got in the zone. I completed the Oklahoma City Marathon in April and by that point in time, I was already signed up to run the New York City Marathon. I’m really glad I was signed up for another race already because I had something to train for. I’m not sure I would have continued running as much as I was if I didn’t have another race on the horizon. So I kept up my training and finished the NYC Marathon in November. Because of that second marathon, I am now hooked. I don’t have another marathon in mind, but I have continued running. It let’s me get out on the road and not think about anything other than listening to myself breathe. That’s the beauty of running to me.

Looking forward, I have a few things that I will be doing in Twenty-Eleven/Two Thousand and Eleven/2011. I am going to make things happen for me in 2011, but there are a few that I can’t voice on this forum. Those who I have told, know it is a big deal and something I really really want. Things need to happen in order for me to follow through with it, but I think once the new year hits, it will pick up speed. I AM MAKING IT HAPPEN. Also in 2011, I plan to run to Zaleski, Ohio. Well…I’m not really going to run to Zaleski, Ohio, but I do plan to run 1000 miles by the end of the year. 1000 miles puts me right at Zaleski, Ohio.

I hope to keep this map updated and let you know where I am throughout the year. You can also follow my progress on Runkeeper. Alongside this whole 1000 miles quest, Operation: LOBP will be in full effect just in time for Wedding Season in Turks and Caicos!

2011 should be a really fun year on the Ryan Doonkeen front. I’m excited to see what it brings me. I have already kicked things off, except for the tracking of the miles, and I get more and more excited each day. I’ll be keeping up with these 2011 resolutions on Cheers!