Februany Any Any

Here we are on the last day of February and I didn’t take advantage of 5 dollar footlongs at Subway once. *Sad face.

For those that know me, I try to avoid adult talk as much as possible. There really is no reason for me to avoid it other than I’m way better at quoting “The Office” and “Joe Dirt” than I am at letting people know what is actually happening in my life. But today, I am going to run the risk of accumulating negative points from my “email group” and discussing the happenings in the life of Ryan Doonkeen (mostly my sister’s life). It will be in bullet points in an attempt to make it less formal.

  • My sister is having a kid, so I’m going to be an uncle (again).
  • Last weekend, they found out that she’s having a girl…. Kinsey Jane (Kinsey is my middle name, so that’s fun.)
  • My sister is due in July sometime (I need to ask more questions) and they will be moving to Iwakuni, Japan in September for three years.
  • I just got back from Wolf Creek in Colorado and that is just the beginning of my #vacay2011’s. If I have to take a day off work in order to go out of town, I consider it a vacation, just so you know.
    1. Wolf Creek Ski Trip (Feb 20-24)
    2. St. Louis (Mar 4-7)
    3. London (Mar 16-22)
    4. Turks and Caicos (June 22-26)
    5. California (TBD)
    6. Chicago (October 7-10)
    7. Iwakuni, Japan (TBD)
  • I’m not sure I know how to properly use bullet points but we’re gonna keep this theme going for a bit longer.
  • Operation LOBP is still in full effect and I’m seeing results. Because of Operation LOBP, things are a changing. For example, I recently purchased an all white G-Shock watch… it’s a Casio. No big. Then just today, I went to the gym at lunch in a sleeveless T. The DB level hasn’t peaked just yet, it was just a regular sleeveless t-shirt and not a sleeveless Affliction t-shirt so I still have room to improve.

Other than all that stuff, the only news I can report is that I need an intervention, I’m pretty sure. Fin adult talk. Also, I really need to figure out a blog format that is different than me rambling about things in no order. That’s on me.

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