2011 Guinness Challenge

Let me start by saying this, I like Guinness. I enjoy it quite a bit. Last Saturday however, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I usually do. (Sidebar: This is going to be a short short recap)

Me and my buddy Cole participated in the 2011 McNellie’s Pub Guinness Challenge. A timed 4 mile event where you had to drink 3 beers along the way. One beer at 1.5 miles, another at 2.5 miles, and another one at mile 4 before crossing the finish line. These weren’t just Dixie cups full of Guinness, these were full 16oz pints of thick, dark, room-temp Guinness Draught. It was quite an experience.

The race began at 10:30 in the morning. Cole was primed from the night before (hungover) and I was ready to get after it. Our thinking was we’d go out fast and just hang on because it was only 4 miles. The gun went off and we were out of the gate. You know how adrenaline kicks in at the start of the races and for distance runners, the key is to bottle that adrenaline for later? Well, when you actually plan to go out fast and adrenaline kicks in…. you go out even faster. Cole and I both ran the first mile in 6:35 and got to the first beer stop quickly. Downed the first one and discovered that this was indeed going to be a challenge. Got after the next mile and back to the same beer stop to knock out another one. This one being a little tougher because I was out of breath and trying to drink. Only had a mile and a half to go….. until anooottthhheerr beer. This last leg was the toughest. By this point, I started to have side cramps and I was struggling to keep things down. I still had a quick pace going and then there was the finish line. I only had one more beer to go. I was out of breath and not thirsty, that’s for sure. I stomached this final one and crossed with a time of 27:10 finishing 10th out of 253.

It sure was a fun race, but it was very hard for a “fun run.” I hope to do it again the next time an event like this is held.

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