Chicago Marathon Countdown. 11 Days.

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is NEXT Sunday!! For 16 1/2 weeks, I have been training. Nights out on Fridays have been replaced with 9:45 bed times. I have seen an incredible amount of sunrises thanks to the 50 or so consecutive days of 100+ degree weather here in Oklahoma. I have had training runs in Turks & Caicos, California, Wisconsin and California again. I want to say that I may have missed out on things throughout the summer because of my training, but looking back, I think I only missed hangovers.

Running was the constant this summer and now going into fall. I rarely missed a scheduled run… No more than 5 throughout the summer. I ran three 20 mile runs, two 18 mile runs and too many to count double-digit training runs. My goal since beginning running back in January of 2010 was to break the 4:00hr mark in a marathon. My first marathon, The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Marathon, I clocked in at 4:11:16. The New York City Marathon was 11 minutes faster at 4:00:08 (8 SECONDS!!). Since I have taken training seriously this time around, I am shooting for a 3:30 marathon time… 8 minutes per mile. Insane to actually think about especially since my last full marathon was more than 9:09 minutes per mile. But like I said before, training has been my main focus this summer.

All my activities have been documented on my RunKeeper page.

  • June – 39.97 miles (a little low in the mileage due to training for a triathlon)
  • July – 116.27 miles
  • August – 126.7 miles
  • September (through Sept. 27) – 153.7 miles

Through 2011, this puts my New Year’s Resolution of 1000 miles right at 712.79 miles (Marker B) with 3 months left. Will be close!

Chicago is 11 days away. I’m tapering and looking forward to seeing what I can do next Sunday. I’ll have a race recap when I get back. Look for me in Chicago wearing my Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder jersey!

Sidenote: I have seen a ton of running blogs on wordpress that look much better and are way better organized than my current one on Tumblr. Thinking about mixing it up and trying WordPress or try to make mine look a little better here on Tumblr.

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