Wednesday, October 5th, 2011…. 4 days until the Chicago Marathon.

I’m getting pretty nervous for Sunday. It’s either that or I really am getting sick. The past three days I’ve had a unsettling feeling in my stomach. I woke up Monday morning with a sore throat and a slight headache. I’ve been popping pills left and right in hopes that I catch whatever it is I’m catching before I catch it. Monday night, I got out and ran 6 miles and felt fine when running, but yesterday, I was tired ALL day. I got home and as soon as it got dark,


I was in my bed watching TV. That didn’t last too terribly long because I had turned the TV off and was fast asleep at 8:25pm, sleeping until 6:30 this morning. I needed that sleep in a bad way. I woke up this morning with a slight headache still but no sore throat so that was a good sign. Fingers crossed that I feel much much better by the time Sunday rolls around. 17 weeks of training only to get down with the sickness would be bad!

Pops and I will be heading out Friday afternoon. We’re driving 791 miles to Chicago. We plan to drive until we can’t on Friday, staying wherever we end up on the road and then finishing the drive on Saturday morning. In total, it will take 12 hours and 35 minutes according to Google Maps. Once in Chicago, the only thing I absolutely have to do is go to the expo and pick up all my stuff including my bib (#10343). (You can track me by receiving texts on Sunday by registering HERE and I’ll be using RunKeeper live and will be tweeting out the link on Sunday HERE.) I will be going to bed early on Saturday. The race officially kicks off at 7:30am so I would like to be heading downtown no later than 5am. I’d rather have too much time hanging around than not enough. In NYC, I was there 3 hours before my start time which made for a great time trying to stay warm (in the port-a-potty) but I don’t want to be any more stressed than I already will be. Once the race is over, we’re loading up and heading back. It’s going to be a quick trip and I’ll have a recap for everyone once I get back and am able to make it from my bed to the computer.

*pill popped

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