Strip At Night!

I’m back at it! I have 6 weeks until I travel to Las Vegas and run another 26.2 miles, but this one is different. This one is part of the Rock n’ Roll Series and we’ll be running this marathon at night. The selling point of this whole race is that you get to run the Strip under all the bright lights. I originally signed up for this marathon back in February and I was really excited about it…. then the college football schedule came out.

Bedlam is slated for December 3rd in Stillwater! It could be the greatest match up in Oklahoma State Football history if Oklahoma State goes the rest of the season undefeated. It could potentially be our game that puts us into the National Championship game. It’s a big deal and I won’t be there, sadly. It’s taken a little bit to get past that, but I have told myself that I run for a reason and the game will be televised. What better place to watch it (other than the 40 yard line on the home side of Boone Pickens Stadium) than in a sports lounge in Vegas!?

My training started back up 3 days after completing the Chicago Marathon by easing back into running with new shoes. It was a steady 1.5 mile run around the track at the local YMCA as I was just trying to get my legs back under me. My body felt great and my legs felt surprisingly good considering what had taken place the previous Sunday. The little run made excited to get going with my training for the Las Vegas Marathon. I finally made my schedule the other day and it’s following the same schedule leading up to the Chicago Marathon. I figured it would be safe to follow because I feel as if I’m well rested and ready to go. Take a look at what I’ll be rocking for the next few weeks.


I hope everyone is having great success towards their own goals whatever they may be!

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