The Hope Furnace

Hope Furnace

I’m with you. I don’t know what this thing is either. Apparently, it was a big deal in 1874 so get off my back! According to its wikipedia page,

“The Hope Furnace is a historic blast furnace in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. Located along State Route 278, approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) northeast of the village of Zaleski, it is one of two extant iron furnaces in Vinton County. Between 1854 and 1874, the furnace was used to smelt iron ore, using coal or charcoal for fuel. It is a rectangular structure, built of sandstone and shaped like a truncated pyramid.”

So there you go. You learned a little something about the area around Zaleski, Ohio.

The reason I bring this up is because I am so close to my 2011 goal. My goal at the beginning of the year was to run 1,000 total miles in the 2011 calendar year which would put me right in the middle of Zaleski, Ohio. I took a few days off after the Las Vegas Marathon to rest and got back out there today for a 6 mile run at lunch. It was a great day to run too as the weather was perfect. With this 6 miles today, I am now only 33 miles short of reaching my goal and it’s only December 8th! Currently, I am right in between Piketon and Beaver, OH nearing Zaleski, Ohio.


I hope to reach 1,000 miles in the next week or so leaving me plenty of time to think about 2012 and what my goals should be for that year. All I know is that those goals must be completed by December 21st, 2012.

Sidebar: I hope to update this site more frequently than I have in the past. I always get a kick and post a few times right after a race, but I hope to keep at it this time.

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