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Today, I have watched all of the Gatorade: Inside Endurance series. I am now in a pickle because everything I want to do, I want to do badly. I want to do so many things and I can’t figure out which one to go for. The bad thing is each thing that I want takes significant take and effort to train for and do so I can’t pick several to just try.

Marathons – I don’t have 2012 race schedule planned out yet which I usually begin to do around this time of the year. This last run in Las Vegas gave me hope to better my time if I train like I should and begin focusing a little more on my end goal. I’d like to do at least 1 for sure in a different state. So far I have New York, Nevada, Illinois and Oklahoma marked off the list. Maybe I go for this in the fall.

Trail Running – I have looked into this quite a bit. There are several races here in Oklahoma in the month of February. I’m actually going out on Saturday to run a trail close to my parents’ house. It will be my first experience running real trails so I’ll let you know how it goes. That will be a big determining factor in what I choose to pursue in the future.

Triathlons – I did a Sprint Triathlon last summer and am planning on doing the same one this summer to see if I can improve. I’m thinking that if I do that, it may be a training race leading up to another one… potentially a 70.3 Half Ironman?! The negative of this is the money situation. I would need to upgrade my equipment or lack there of. There is one in March out where my sister lives in Carlsbad, CA but I’m not sure if I’d have enough time to train for that especially the bike ride which is 56 miles long. Training rides in the Oklahoma winters would be tough to squeeze in.

XTerra Triathlons – These look awesome. If you took a look at the website I linked to at the beginning, these are just triathlons… but on trails rather than roads. A mountain bike would be a necessity and I don’t have one so there is that hurdle. These also have an amateur championship you can compete for!

What would you vote for?

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