Lake Don Draper

This past weekend, I attempted what was my first trail run out at Lake (Don) Draper in southeast Oklahoma City. I have been on a marathon training plan for roughly the last 7 months so I haven’t really thought about mixing it up with trail runs. I have wanted to try it for a while but I didn’t want to run the risk of injury so I just never went out there until now.

I started out googling a “trail running oklahoma city” and found a circuit of trails 2 miles south of where my parents live. I had no idea these trails even existed. I might have gotten into trail running and/or mountain biking before now if I had done a little research and wasn’t addicted to Taco Bueno and not exercising.

I got out there close to noon and headed out not knowing really how long I was going to go or if I’d get lost. Roughly a half mile in, I found a map posted and found out there was a trail that was 4 miles long so I decided to do that one. I didn’t want to make a wrong turn because the trail that was connected to this one went out for 12 miles and I DID NOT want to do 12 miles.


The 4 mile “loop” was so amazing. There were so many turns on this narrow trail and so many places that you could lose your footing that it made for an exciting 30 minute run. It was a little wet and slipping was an issue a few times. I wasn’t running in any specialty shoe because I didn’t own any trail shoes so I was concerned a few times that I did slip. The biggest difference that I noticed from road running to trail running, 4 miles seem like forever. When on the streets, I can typically look down the road a mile and see the stop light, so I run to it. I don’t pay attention to my foot placement or anything on the road. I get in the zone and run to the next stop light. On the trail, having to pay attention to every step, the miles seem to go by slower.


After getting done with the run, I went over to my parents’ house in hopes to play with the babe (my niece Kinsey) but they weren’t there so I just chit chatted with my old roommates for a while. My mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas Holiday and I told her some trail running shoes and possibly help with a race entry. What’s wrong with me?!? Anyhow, she gave me some cash and told me to go buy my gift and then bring them back before Christmas so she can wrap them. I came out with these bad boys!


I want to continue to mix it up with the trail runs and I may have something mapped out for the future (2012 Race Schedule). So I’d like to see if I can get out there on Saturdays and squeeze in some trail running. I’m a fan.

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