After I read a few Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon recaps, I found one specifically that said she was sponsored by chocolate milk. Being the inquisitive person that I am (I’m not), I did some research and found out about ‘Team Refuel.’ It’s a team fully dedicated to sharing the importance of chocolate milk being used as a recovery drink. I’ve read several articles stating that it’s a perfect post-run/race/marathon drink to give you what you need for a quick recovery.

I dug a little further and found out that any average Joe can be sponsored by Team Refuel because they offer grants to athletes all around the nation. I signed up, wrote my biography (which I didn’t realize would be posted in its entirety) and now I have a chance to win a $250 sponsorship to be put towards my next event, gear, training, fuel, etc. This would be huge for me since I just signed up for an expensive Ironman race.

So get out there and vote for me by going to TEAM REFUEL’S WEBSITE! You may have to scroll through the people up for the grant in order to find me, Ryan Doonkeen!

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