Happy New Year

2012 is right around the corner and it’s time to set my goals for next year. I accomplished my main goal for 2011 and that was to run 1,000 miles in the calendar year. That was such a huge accomplishment for me and I am extremely proud of myself for running each and every one of those miles. 2012 should be a great challenge for me. I have a few things planned out and a few things that I need to hammer down.

This is what I have going on so far for 2012:

  1. Lean Out Challenge – This is a 60 day challenge that I’m participating in through CrossFit. It’s all about nutrition, my main issue when it comes to being fit. I will not be drinking or eating any sort of fast food for 60 days.
    1. Each meal has three positive or neutral values:
      • -2 cheat meal: not Paleo quality, not Zone quantity. (-10 possible per day) +0 paleo meal that includes dairy
      • +1 paleo meal: all Paleo rules apply (5 possible per day)
      • +2 zone meal: all standard Zone rules apply (10 possible per day)
      • +3 Paleo/zone meal: paleo quality in zone proportions. (15 possible per day)
    2. “Rule of 5” bonus points:
      • +1 5 meals per day (1 possible/day)
      • +1 fewer than 5 hours between meals (1 possible/day) -1 more than 5 blocks per meal (-5 possible per day)
    3. Exercise:
      • -10 fewer than 3 WODs/week +0 3 WODs a week
      • +10 4 WODs a week
      • +20 5 or more WODs/week
    4. Bonus points:
      • +1 64oz of H20 in a day
      • +1 8+ hours of sleep
      • +1 if half of carb blocks are from veggies
    5. Deductions:
      • -1 for each alcoholic beverage. (-5 possible per day) -1 for no PWO meal (before leaving the gym)
      • -1 for less than 3 grams of fish oil/day
      • -1 for each carbonated beverage

  2. By the end of 2012 or December 21st, I will be in the single digits of fat percentage… meaning I am not now.
  3. Train and complete Ironman Louisville.
  4. Run/Bike/Cycle 2,012 miles for the year. I don’t think this one will be hard especially since I will be completing 7% of that all in one day on August 26th.
  5. Have my credit card balance down to zero by March 1st. This has been lingering for some time now. Something about traveling all last year and going out of the country twice in 3 months…. the only downfall of #whynot.

2012 should be an interesting year. I’ll keep you updated throughout each of my adventures this year. My race schedule is still pending but the only one that I am officially registered for is the Ironman in Louisville, KY. I’m sure there will be more to add to that. What are your goals for the new year??

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