10 Day Token

If you know who is pictured above, please contact me at ryan.doonkeen@gmail.com because I would like to take you out for a nice seafood dinner. That’s Phil Hartman playing the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer on Saturday Night Life (pre-murder).

Everyone knows by now that I am on the Paleo Meal plan (I refuse to call it a diet). It’s going back to the caveman days of human history and eating like our ancestors ate. Lots of meat, vegetables, and fats that your body is supposed to have. It’s January 10th and I have had zero cheat meals and have started to notice changes. My weight is down a considerable amount. I have plenty of energy throughout the day and I’m never really hungry hungry during the day either. I’ve also become quite the cook in the past 10 days too.

I have found several websites that have made this transition easier. My favorite so far has been the 30 Nights of Paleo Crockpot cooking. I received a crockpot for Christmas and have put it to good use. I’ve tried my hand at the Jalapeño Roast and the Stuffed Peppers with Spanish “Rice”. I cook plenty each time since it is just me so that means I’ve been having these items as part of every meal since Sunday. Last night for dinner, I had the chicken that I had leftover in lettuce wraps with guacamole and salsa. They were great. Tonight, I’ll probably be doing the same with the roast.

Another site that I just found today is paleoblocks.blogspot.com. Nothing fancy in terms of the site but it does list some great recipes that I am hoping to try out. I also really want one of these…. A NorCal Margarita: tequila, lime, soda water.


It’s been 10 days without any sort of alcohol. I need a token.

This past weekend was my first “long” ride of my training schedule too. It was one lap around Draper Lake which is almost 15 miles. There was a pretty brisk north wind and a lot of the time I was riding north, there were some pretty solid hills.


Just after I was done with my ride, I went over to my parents’ house to check up on their dogs and on my way home, I saw all sorts of news vans and police cars. They found a body of some girl that went missing for a month after meeting up with someone on Craigslist where she solicited her services. Pretty heavy stuff and pretty nuts that I was right there. I have also noticed I have given Oklahoma City a pretty bad name the past two posts. Expect one in the future featuring all the good things about OKC.

Only 34 more weeks of training!

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