Ironman Training: Mid-January

Swimming and cycling are my main focuses (focuses?) right now. Running has been my thing and I feel like I can put most of my effort towards swimming and cycling for the time being and not really lose that much off my run. I still run, but it’s nowhere near the amount I was running. So far, my favorite has definitely been swimming. Cycling is something entirely new to me and I’m just now learning the ropes. I have a ways to go but yesterday’s 24 mile ride was something I was encouraged by.

I’m no Michael Phelps (I don’t do recreational drugs), but I have already seen improvement in my swimming. I’m up to 1800 yards/meters in the pool and doing so at a fairly fast clip. I say fairly fast, because I’m only 3 weeks into training and I’m comfortable in the pool but not necessarily 2.4 mile comfortable. This morning, I woke up at 6am and went to the YMCA to get in my workout:

  • Warm up (400y)
    4 X 75 @ 1:30, 100 drill
  • Main Set (1200y)
    6 X 200 @ 3:45, build effort by 50s
  • Cool down (200y)
    2 X [4X 25 @ :35]

My coach told me last week that she’s creating these workouts with the idea that I’ll be getting out of the water, come race day, right at 1 hour. That’s a 2.4 mile swim in an hour. I can only hope right now!

Yesterday’s bike ride was one for the books… partly because it was only my 2nd real bike ride. This time, I went out with my coach and 2 other guys. They were taking me through the ringer, teaching me when to be in what gear and how to approach hills.


Hills are something of particular interest due to the fact that I’ll be racing in Louisville, Kentucky where the entire bike course is rolling hills. I learned a ton just from yesterday and this gave me a little confidence boost. Confidence is where I am lacking when it comes to cycling too.


One day, Oklahoma will not be windy and I’ll be able to enjoy my long bike ride on the weekend.

Stay tuned this week, I may or may not have some fun news (regarding training) a little later this week.

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