I’m Ron Burgundy

I made it to Oceanside, California with all of my possessions minus a mini football that I left at Cole’s house. I’m somewhat upset because that football has been everywhere! Dallas, OKC, St. Louis, Cali, Turks and Caicos…. everywhere! But besides that, everything turned out just fine on my trip from Oklahoma City to Oceanside. It took roughly 36 hours, but I made it in great time!


Saturday evening, we hosted a little going away party at my friend Cole’s house. It turned out to be a big success. Everyone seemed to make an appearance at some point in the night and only one person got hurt trying to ride one of my bikes so that was fun. I got to see most every one of my friends that have meant a great deal to me all through high school and college. It was a great way to say goodbye… the way we spent the majority of our time together… not entirely sober. Here is the only picture from the evening. We’re awesome at documenting nights like these.

I started out Sunday afternoon making my rounds with my family. My mother was taking it really well….. she just had to make sure she didn’t make eye contact with me. I saw my grandparents, aunts and uncles and then for the finale had dinner at my parents where my mom made meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas and dumplings. Everything was fantastic and I knew it would be because that’s what I asked for. I said goodbye to them around 8pm and it was harder than expected. Nothing really hit me until right then that I was actually leaving to live elsewhere. My mom packed a bag of goodies like mothers do for my road trip and I was off to go pack up. I had been staying at Cole’s since there is an extra bed at his house and he had room for everything of mine (not much). I began to pack up and things got really weird. Amanda had cooked an awesome Chicken Calzone that she got off Pinterest and of course I had dinner again. As I was packing, my emotions kept getting worse. I don’t deal with real-life situations that well as I usually I clam up and don’t talk. This happened a bit this time around as well. I just kept thinking, “Who does this? What am I going to do? I won’t get to hang out with my friends? I may, in all honesty, not see many of the important people in my life, for a good while.” Everything kept running through my head. I went to bed around 11:40 that night hoping to make it out by 6… I didn’t actually get to bed until 1 for sure.

I didn’t sleep well at all. I had weird dreams. I had too much on my mind. Then I woke up and got ready for the day. I said goodbye to Cole and Amanda and I was off. 80 miles later, I stopped in Weatherford to have breakfast with Bo and Jamie at a diner in town. Delish. After saying goodbye to them, I was off.

Fast forward with pictures…. Western Oklahoma to California….


I got into Oceanside at 4:30pm and was unpacked and asleep for the night at 7:30pm. Someone was tired. This has been a whirlwind the past 2 months and it has finally come down to me in California. I went to CrossFit yesterday and saw a few of the folks I met last time I was out here two months ago. They remembered me so that was cool. I’m known as the Oklahoma boy which is not. Today, I went and worked out at the local 24 Hour Fitness. I ran a few pick up games of basketball (for those who don’t know me that well… basketball is something that I love and am a huge fan of and for being 5’8″ and white, I’m not too terrible). I of course wore my bright yellow Kevin Durant’s and had to show up. I pretty much owned the place… seriously. I was on point.

Now for road trips thoughts:

  • I like when rappers put the word “drank” in song titles.
  • I heard “Rack City” no less that 11 times.
  • New Mexico sucks.
  • Arizona is exactly like you see in pictures.
  • Thank you to Guy Fieri for pointing me in the right direction for all my meals. Some of the stuff was completely out of bounds.
  • I really missed my cruise control that went out roughly a year and a half ago.
  • My car has really earned her keep around here. Since I have owned her, she has seen both coasts… a road trip to NYC and now one to San Diego.
  • I don’t know what all the fuss is about getting murdered in picnic areas, I slept just fine in one.
  • Talk radio – thanks for saving my life more than once on this trip.
  • LaQuinta – you think you are hot shit, don’t you?!
  • To the guy who was in the bathroom at the Love’s in Amarillo… tell the guy you’ll call him back as your destroy the bathroom.
  • I’m seriously glad I didn’t break down in New Mexico.

Thanks for riding along during this post. I hope to keep everyone posted as I continue on this crazy journey.

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