Month: November 2012

Koda Endurance

Next week, I begin something that I’ve been wanting to do for sometime now. I thought about it after completing my Ironman but had zero clue on how to go about it. I’ve wanted to begin helping people accomplish their endurance goals by coaching them. I’ve trained by myself for more than 90% of the time and it is tough to hold yourself accountable. It’s tough to wake up for those runs at 7 in the morning when it’s 26 degrees outside. It’s tough to get out on the track to run intervals by yourself. I know how beneficial it can be to have a group to call friends and training partners. Next week begins something special for me and it’s all thanks to the people at KODA CrossFit.

Next Tuesday at 5:00pm, I begin coaching a CrossFit Endurance class at KODA CrossFit. The classes are going to be held, initially, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm with our “long” workouts on Sunday at a time that works for everyone. We’ll be following the CrossFit Endurance website and will be preparing for our “A” race come April, the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. This first week is going to be a week to feel everyone out and recruit a group of people willing to stick it out until April. We’ll be figuring out everyones goals for CrossFit Endurance and the race in April, whether it’s the 5K, Half or Full Marathon. I’m very excited to get things going!

Now for a little background: After running the Chicago Marathon (October 2011, 3:27), I had two months until the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon in December. I wasn’t necessarily done with running but I needed a change of pace after 18 weeks of juuuuuust running. I wanted to try out CrossFit because I wanted to push myself to a new level. I began CrossFit during that two month span and even tried out a few CrossFit Endurance workouts. I was still in the mindset of needing to get in my miles but even with that mindset, I didn’t get in those miles. The longest I ran was 11 miles and that was a month before the LV Marathon.

When I got to Las Vegas, I ran the entire length of the marathon without ever hitting the proverbial wall. I PR’d my marathon time by 8 minutes breaking the 3:20 barrier finishing at 3:19. It was incredible and incredibly surprising. After that, I was sold on the CFE methodology. I trained for my Ironman pulling many workouts from the CFE program over the 9 months of training and finished my first Ironman in under 12 hours without ever having a “rough patch” (used loosely) the entire day.

I can’t wait for next week to get here. If you’re interested in trying out CrossFit and find a new way to train for those marathons without spending hours and hours on the road beating yourself up, come get strong with us at Koda CrossFit and try out one of my classes.