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Yesterday was the very first class of my CrossFit Endurance coaching career*. After going down to San Antonio for the CrossFit Endurance Seminar, I was really excited to get back to Oklahoma City and get going with the class. Folks at the gym were getting really excited about it as well with the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in the not so distant future (pending the end of the world).

I started off the day by going to Oklahoma Christian University and hitting the track with one of the owners of Koda, Jared Muse, and another guy from the gym, Matt. They’re competing in the All Cities Open in Dallas this weekend and they were wanting to do one of their workouts for this weekend: 400m Run, 50m Hurdles+Front Rolls, Stadium Stairs (we substituted 30 weighted front squats) 50m Hurdles+Front Rolls, 400m Run. It was a quick workout, but it was tough.

Once we knocked that workout out, we went into the gym and got in a little more cardio with a few games of 21. My shot was off…. I need to get back into playing. I’m blaming the shoes.

Next up, the 5:00pm Endurance Class. I was pretty anxious to get it going. 19 people showed up…19!!! Most everyone there had been actively CrossFitting for sometime but we did have a few new people so it was fun to introduce them into the CF World. I was admittedly a little nervous as the class began but slowly found my groove* as we got going. I’m sure I’ll get better as time goes by. We had quite a few experienced runners in the group which is exciting and I explained my experience with CFE which to me is a big plus. As was my case, I knew of someone that used the CFE methodology and it took until I finished a marathon (my fastest one at that) using CFE to completely buy in. It’s a learning process and there is a learning curve indeed to transition between LSD training and CFE training. Progression is key!

No one died so that was good. Next up, Day 2! This same picture will be taken at the end of the OKC Marathon in April. Great job, everyone! Keep it up.

* Denotes terms thrown around all willy-nilly like.

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