2012: Year In Review

2012: The Year of the ?uestion Mark.

In a nutshell, I:

  • road tripped the California coast following the Thunder on a West Coast swing.
  • sold the first house I owned.
  • moved in with my sister and niece.
  • drank coffee on the beach daily.
  • swam with seals and dolphins in La Jolla.
  • held Kinsey for an entire night when she was sick.
  • commuted in LA.
  • found my way to Austin.
  • watched friends get married.
  • worked 3 days a week.
  • trained 7.
  • hitchhiked.
  • became a psuedo-hipster.
  • had an awful awesome mustache.
  • fell in love… with food trucks.
  • discovered how a city “runs.”
  • finished 140.6 miles in under 12 hours.
  • recorded the fastest time ever to sell everything in a room and move cities: just shy of 32 hours.
  • grew my hair out.
  • drove across the United States… CA-OK, OK-SC.
  • spent, regrettably, too little time on my Halloween costume.
  • watched Blake Bell ruin Oklahoma State in person.
  • had a total of 6 roommates, 5 of them being women.
  • celebrated my 28th birthday with pumpkin pie.
  • met new friends.
  • became a Crossfit Endurance coach.
  • determined karma may be a real thing.

The only thing that was for certain in 2012 was uncertainty. Looking back, I had an incredible year of adventures, journeys and enough time road tripping for hours and hours of self-reflection. Thank you to everyone who made 2012 quite an amazing year. See you around the bend, 2013.

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