Vancouver – The Crescent City

Oklahoma City to Vancouver was a long haul. Saturday morning, I was awake early as I had a few last minute errands to run. I was able to get the majority of my stuff packed into one single cardboard box. I couldn’t bring luggage because, well, my AirBnb host would acquire new luggage went I left on my bike. Once my bike was in its box, all the stuff I need for a month was in its box, and my carry on was sufficiently stuffed in its bag, my mother and I went to lunch.

After lunch, it was off to the airport. I expected check in to be a little different since I was checking two cardboard boxes, one of which being a large bicycle. I was originally booked on a United flight, but because United only flies prop planes apparently, I was switched to an American flight to accommodate my bike. An oversize luggage fee later, I was booked on an earlier flight to Dallas instead of Houston and then on to Vancouver.

The flight to YVR was a touch turbulent but pretty uneventful otherwise. The inflight movie was Transcendence with Mr. Depp… Weird one. Shocker. After landing, customs was a breeze and then on to baggage claim. When my bike came around, the bottom of the box that had been stapled apparently came open, but I didn’t have any loose items as they were all zip tied so everything was there. I gathered my gear and got a taxi to my AirBnB.

I love AirBnb because you get to see parts of the city you’re staying in that you wouldn’t normally and you get to stay in some odd places. Mine here in Vancouver falls under that category. It’s an awesome condo in a 4 story building overlooking downtown Vancouver. It is however a hot box with lots and lots on antiques. There isn’t any air condition and ventilation is non existent but there is a full size knight in armor in the living room (that didn’t scare me at all when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night).

Tomorrow I begin. Leaving Vancouver, crossing over into the United States and planning to make my first stop at Larrabee State Park just south of Bellingham, Washington.