Day One – Vancouver to Larrabee State Park

Day mileage: 68 miles
Total mileage : 68 miles

I slept really great Sunday night despite the ridiculous warmth within the apartment. I tried to take it all in knowing this may be the last time in a little bit that I sleep in a real bed. I got up bright and eqrly around 5:45 and began to prep for the trip. I got my bike loaded up, walked out the door and I was on my way.

Leaving I was nervous. I clipped in and immediately start shaking violently, unable to control the bike. Rough start. It took a little bit and some speed to handle the weight but after I did, it was smooth riding. I made it out of Vancouver successfully having to cross a few wildly steep bridges and this one neighborhood edition that was built into the side of a mountain it seemed. Getting lost only twice, I rewarded myself with breakfast in Surrey.

I was close to the US Border and would be able to get there by noon if I booked it. That was my thinking before I was 5 miles from it when I reached my first big climb. Initially I was off my bike walking it but then it went to a manageable incline, I was able to pedal for 15 solid minutes up. At the top, I market where I loaded up on water and Gatorade. From there it was literally all down hill to the States.

For the next 3-4 hours I was able to stare at Mt. Baker off in the distance before reaching Bellingham, Washington where I stopped in my lunch. Leaving town, about 7 miles away from camp for the evening, things started to challenge me. I broke a spoke, I somehow lost my hat and the bike shop in town was unable to help me. I bought a tool, I had the spoke but not really the knowledge to change it. I had to try. Fast forward to Larrabee State Park in an awesome set up and begin go figure out how to replace the spoke. Took a bit but I was able to and then finally able to enjoy the park and relax.

Day One Bonuses:

  • crossing the USA border on a bike
  • resting in shade after a long stretch, lady brings me out a cold Mountain Dew.
  • setting up camp in the thick forest of Washington
  • swimming in salt water
  • having my camp neighbors off me their extra chicken curry
  • watching sunset over Chanutuck Bay