Day Two – Larrabee State Park To Ft. Casey Historical State Park

Day Mileage: 70 miles (6 accidental detour miles)
Total Mileage: 138 miles

The first night of camping was nice. As hot as I was in the apartment in Vancouver, I was the complete opposite in my tent. I have an MSR Hubba single person tent. It goes up in roughly 80 seconds. I left the rain fly off last night because it wasn’t supposed to rain. I fell asleep around 9pm and was out of it until 2:55, when I heard very heavy gusts and what I could tell a few raindrops. I quickly popped up and put on the fly and organized my gear where nothing important would get wet. Fell back asleep until 7:30.

I did not want to get up. It was cold (56 degrees) and overcast/breezy. I forced myself to and quickly gathered everything to go take a hot shower, which at State Parks here cost 50 cents for 3 minutes. I knew this from blogs I read prior to so I was prepared and the shower was perfect. I made coffee and oatmeal and began to prep for the day.

With the spoke incident, I knew I needed to adjust a few things. That meant get rid of everything that I absolutely did not need. 20 minutes and probably 12 pounds later, I no longer had the majority of my food as I’m able to stop and pick up groceries when I need them, My extra fuel can, a book (wtf, I have an iPad. I’m an idiot), lotion, clippers, and few other miscellaneous items. After all that, I was ready to take off… Cautiously and not as confident as the day before, but I was ready.

It was a chilly start when I began pedaling at 9:07am. It was a dreary, overcast day and that makes it even worse on a bike. Cool air to dry your sweat that you produce regardless of temperature. I made it 20 miles until I was able to stop and grab a bite because oatmeal only lasts so long. At a local diner, I chatted with an elderly couple that knew the exact route I wa taking and what I should expect. I talked to them for nearly 30 minutes before I needed to get going in order to make it to camp with time to spare.

From there, I detoured around a peninsula because I missed my turn only realizing by the time I reached the end of the peninsula. I lost some time and gained some mileage but I did see some pretty things. The rest of the day was hills, hills, hills. To quote the native Oklahoma, Will Rogers, “I never met a downhill I didn’t like.” The climbs are tough but I’m very glad that today was day 2 and not day 1 or I’d be extremely upset with the terrain.

I ended up at Ft. Casey Historical State Park. Tomorrow morning, I’ll catch a ferry over to Port Townsend. Camp isn’t as woodsy as last nights, but I do have an awesome wind block from the wind off the water which is said to pick up at night. I can see Mt.Rannier way off in the distance and Mt. A baker is still in my rear view. Tomorrow, goal city is Bremerton, Washington.

Day Two Bonuses:

  • people I meet genuinely want to know about my trip
  • downhills
  • Deception Pass
  • a terribly long climb with an outstanding view
  • IPAs in a small, small town.

I felt strong today. I hope that feeling carries.