Day Three – Ft. Casey Historical State Park to Bremerton, Washington

Day Mileage: 55 miles (4 accidental detour miles)
Total Mileage: 193 miles

Whoever can fit into one of those snug sleeping bags all zipped up and not have a problem with it is a liar.

I had no problem sleeping at Ft. Casey as I’m top 3 sleepers west of the Mississippi. My plan was to wake up around 7:30 and take my time getting ready for the 8:45 ferry over to Port Townsend. I woke up at 6:32 and the first ferry out was at 7:15. I rushed around to pack my stuff up. I went to go shower with my two quarters but there was someone occupying it. I passed on the shower noticing that my hair wasn’t terribly greasy and threw on all my clothes from yesterday (Day 3, everyone, can’t imagine it gets better. Strap in). I made it to the ferry with 3 minutes to spare and I was the last one on.

After the 30 minute ride, I made my way for breakfast since I didn’t have time to make my own this morning then I was on my way. The fog was heavy off of Port Townsend Bay. I rode about 20 miles to Port Ludlow. During that 20, I didn’t take the correct turn so I had to stay on a State Road for a little longer than I needed to. Turned out, that was an awful idea. Heavily trafficked and very small shoulder to ride…. My nerves were wracked by the time I reached the next turn to get me on route.

I stopped for some coffee and wifi and I was back at it. I had about 30 more miles to do and it wasn’t even noon. The one thing I’ve learned in my quick experience with riding fully loaded, 30 miles doesn’t seem like much, but it isn’t short and to make time worse, these hills are legit. So from noon to 5pm, I rode those 30 miles stopping ever so often to check the map, grab water, take pictures.

When I reached Bremerton, I headed to the city center which involved steep climbs and an awesome downhill, only to find that I needed to turn around in order to get to the hotels. I know it’s only day three but the distance between Ft. Casey and the next State Park was too great and I didn’t want to get stranded without a place to stay.

Day Three Bonuses:

  • morning coffee on a ferry
  • FaceTime
  • riding in a long sleeve shirt
  • sunscreen
  • a couple from Port Orchard taking their picture with me after a 15 minute conversation at lunch (they’re suppose to send it to me.. I’ll post when they do)