Day Four – Bremerton, WA to Elma, WA

Day Mileage: 71 miles
Total Mileage: 264 miles

Today was hard. Today felt like work. I’m glad to be done with today.

I’m currently at a local diner in Elma, Washington rethinking the events of today. There wasn’t much going on in my recollection. The sights were not as rewarding as previous days. I left the inland waters and took off west toward the coastal waters today. It won’t be until Saturday or Sunday until I reach them, so I need to get my mind right.

I woke up in the hotel room at 6:15, not my planned 7:15. My legs were sore, I was still tired, I had 65-70ish miles ahead of me. It was tough to get going. I grabbed breakfast locally and watched Master Chef, pretty much my only show, on hulu. I packed correctly this time unlike my hurried pack job in order to catch the ferry the morning before. I finally got packed and out the door and began pedaling at 8:27am. Like I said before, it was tough to get out the door.

My first town to hit was Belfair, and then on to Shelton. Thus far into my trip, I’ve completed the majority of my miles before noon. The way the sun works out west is different than back home…. Or maybe I’m just get ready to be finished after 2-3pm. By the time I reached Shelton, it was 1:00pm and I was 40 miles in. That was a good thing. I took advantage of where I was and had Dairy Queen for lunch, including a dipped cone. I took off my long sleeve and was ready for the rest of them which I knew would be 25-20 miles.

Once I began the journey to the camp, it got hard. Today was the hardest by far. I had a headwind the rest of the way. I had to tackle quite a few loooooong hills and the scenery wasn’t what it was the past 3 days. I stopped about 12 miles out from Elma at a little mart for a Cream Soda. That rejuvenated me a bit and the last stretch into town was easier compared to where I had been. My plan is to take a rest day once I get to Oregon. That may come sooner… Who knows. Physically, it was work today and mentally, it was even more.

Day Four Bonuses:

  • hotel rooms
  • my very random phases I’ve been through throughout my life….. iPod on shuffle is always a treat
  • dipped cones
  • odometers and maps