Day Six – Toledo, WA to Astoria, OR

Day Mileage: 79 miles
Total Mileage: 409 miles

Yesterday, I reached my first milestone. Completion of the first map of the Pacific Coast Route. It was a fun moment.

I packed camp up really quickly around 6:45am. I was camping on a river a little bit away from the bathrooms so I made the decision to get everything loaded up before heading for the showers. I made good use of the free, un-timed shower and was able to charge some of my electronics. I had great motivation for the early start because Astoria was within reach, 80 miles or so.

I didn’t know the terrain and that was going to be a large factor rather I reach Astoria. The first little bit of the day wasn’t terrible with only a few steep climbs but no long ones. Once I reached Coal Creek, I had twenty miles left until I entered Oregon. I could see Oregon but still had to reach Cathlamet before taking the ferry over to Westport, OR.

It was 12:23 and I had just reached the ferry. I had 26 miles left to Astoria. I needed to wait for the 1pm ferry and still needed to get lunch before making the final push. When I crossed into Oregon, I don’t know what I expected, a parade maybe. But nope, just an little old road sign that read, “Welcome to Oregon” on top of a stop sign. I looked to right and all I saw was an incline that didn’t end. I chose left and got a bite to eat.

I had already done 53 miles for the day and it was nearing 2pm. I had 26.5 left and what looked like some big hills ahead of me. Turned out it was my largest climb yet. From sea level to 676ft. It was about 3 miles of uphill and it took about 40 minutes. I’ve had a good outlook on these hills as the week progressed. First I usually curse them. Then I go for it. Doesn’t make sense to stop pedaling so you just keep going, mostly with your head down, and you slowly make progress. Eventually, about an hour and 50 minutes later, I reach Astoria and smelled the water in the air and I was able to check off map 1 in my journey.

Day Six Bonuses:

  • water, both to drink and see
  • deer and wildlife I’ve seen on the road
  • David Gray’s “Slow Motion” mocking me as I go up the biggest climb of the trip
  • real pillows and rest days

I’m glad I waited to rest in Astoria and not Elma, WA.