Day Thirteen – Humbug State Park to Harris Beach State Park

Day Mileage: 58 miles
Total Mileage: 792

The day began considerably warmer than the previous couple of days, drier too. I knew i had a big climb to start the day since I was at mount humbug and have yet to climb a mountain. I put on my shorts and shirt and got on the road right around 9 am. The sun was out and I figured I’d be in for a great day and it would be my last full day in Oregon.

Once, on the road, I indeed had that large climb. It was hot. I was sweaty but the higher I got, the more mist was on the roadway and the fog got thicker. The downhill of this mountain was fun. It would have been even more fun had I not been freezing for the entire way. Once I got to the bottom, I stopped, put on my long sleeve and continued on my way…. Only to find sunshine and mild temperatures. I reached Gold Beach and stopped for lunch.

The rest of the day was a mix of cold and hot but still mostly foggy. The vistas weren’t worthy of stopping for because one could only hear the ocean, not see it.

When I reached Harris Beach, I was only a mile to Brookings. I set up camp, grabbed all my dirty laundry, read laundry, and made my way to the laundromat. I did my one load and headed back. I could not wait to sleep in fresh clothes.

Day 13 Bonuses

  • cedar valley rd. picturesque, dogless, flat
  • long sleeves – those downhills are cold
  • ice cream trucks that roll through the campground