Day Fourteen – Harris Beach State Park to Elk Prairie Redwoods State Park

Day Mileage: 67 miles
Total Mileage: 859 miles

I got out near the same time this morning and stopped for my first bad meal of the trip at a local diner in Brookings. I knew it was only a few miles to the California border and that made me excited to start the day. After breakfast, the road was flat but again very foggy so the ocean view leaving Oregon left much to be desired.

I finally reached California, the last of three state borders to cross. It gave me a little boost and the rest of the morning miles into Crescent City were a breeze plus we finally saw the ocean again thanks to the lifting fog. I met up with Alan in Crescent City and we decided that we’d stop in for a bite before tackling one of two large climbs left in the day. Heading out we knew we’d be at different paces but expected to be at the same spot again tonight.

The climb was the biggest yet. It took 50 minutes to climb up to 1200ft from sea level. The downhill was a very nice 10 minute coast. Hit a few more towns before having to climb the last one of the day which seemed brutal because only 7 more miles were left to camp. After the climb it was literally all down hill and through the Redwood National Forest. These things are incredible. So big.

Tomorrow, Eureka for a rest day finally.

Day 14 Bonuses

Herd of 30+ elk in a field