Day Fifteen – Elk Prairie State Park to Hydesville, CA

Day Mileage: 77 miles
Total Mileage: 940 miles

Day 15 began like all others except this day, I wanted to head out a little earlier so I packed up and was on the road just shortly before 8am. I stopped in Orick, 5 miles down the road, for breakfast. I got a hold do Holly Partin’s aunt Sally. I had never met this lady but she was going to nice enough to put me up for 2 nights in what I thought Eureka. We got a hold of each other and I got her address…. 25 miles further than expected. I needed to get going.

The trip into McKinleyville, Arcata and into Eureka wasn’t terrible, just miles that needed to be ticked off. I stopped in for lunch… 50 miles under my belt and still 25 left. I knew I had a rest day coming so the next 25 wasn’t so daunting, I headed out and went off route to get to my destination. The good thing was to get back on route the next time I needed to, it wasn’t putting extra miles on.

I pulled into Fortuna and knew I was close. I got a drink and took off for the final 5 or so miles. Luckily, as with most days, you can never end a day on a downhill. I climbed and climbed and finally reached my destination at 5pm. I was greeted with open arms by Milton and Sally. I got showered and Milton prepared a home cook meal for me with several items from there garden. It was delicious.

From there, I hit the sack pretty quick. 77 miles, a great meal and a real bed…. Which bedtime came super early that night. Rest day…. sixteen.