Day Twenty One – Samuel Taylor State Park to San Francisco, CA

Day Mileage: 28 miles
Total Mileage: 1,247 miles

I woke up pretty late considering my usual wake up time on this trip. I packed everything up and took a quick “shower” in a sink. This is the first time in 3 weeks that I wasn’t able to shower after a day of riding because there was a leak in the State Park showers and since California is in a drought, they said, “Nah. We’ll just shut to down.” Pretty incredible since I’ve only had a real bed 3 times in that 3 weeks. While I was packing, I was pretty jealous of all the day trippers and weekenders. They had some pretty cool gear and a ton of good food with them.

I knew it was a quick ride to SF, 30 miles or so, so I wanted to get going. I first had a chat with a guy in Lagunitas, about 3 miles into the day, over coffee and a bagel. From there, it was a few climbs and a thousand cyclists later, I was on my final climb leading to the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve been to SF once before and saw it from the Presidio, but this time I got to ride over it. It was incredible. I was done for the day, so I took a trip to a bike shop close by and found my way to where I was staying.