Month: December 2018

2018: Year In Review

2018 was a dramatic year for me. It had very high highs and had some new experiences I had not been a part before. I’ve always enjoyed recapping years though I may have missed some in the past so without further adieu, my 2018 year in review:

  • Traveled to the PNW
  • Proposed to Megan on Cannon Beach, a place where we both had loved and been, but never together. Toasted each other after at the Screw and Brew – a hardware store with a bar
  • Took surprise engagement photos in the Columbia River Gorge
  • Traveled to Olympic National Park
  • Shocked myself, literally
  • Partied with friends, showered by family
  • Married the love of my life in front of our friends in family with tacos, bicycles, live music and cocktails (The wedding was planned by Megan in 3(!!) months). The after party may be one of my favorite memories with all of our friends partying in our hotel room into the morning
  • Traveled to DC after so Megan could work and I could play
  • Ran my first half marathon – I’ll never run a full again
  • Experienced death for the first time when Grandmama died in May with me getting the chance to show her the picture of us at the wedding, one in which she had to leave early because of this very illness
  • Traveled back to the Pacific Northwest for our honeymoon where we spent a week traveling, hiking and camping the Oregon Coast from Astoria to Brookings. I was able to show Megan many of the locations I saw on my bike trip, and saw so many new spots too with the time we had to ourselves
  • Had a fantastic photo shoot with Maggie from Honeysuckle Photography where we were treated to really great views with a Pacific City Wedding Shoot</li?
  • Resigned from my full time job
  • After taking night classes for 2 years, I started at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center as a full time student after being accepted into the Accelerated BSN Nursing Program
  • Adjusted to being a student
  • Introduced the gold chain
  • Traveled to Cleveland, OH (We’re not Detroit!)
  • Completed my first semester of 2nd college
  • Attempted to travel to Maine. Storms delayed us. Storms cancelled us. We canceled the trip and flew to Seattle instead for our 3rd time in the PNW this year
  • Continued to adjust to being a student and a student nurse
  • Saw many more concerts than the anticipated zero
  • Completely redid our bathroom thanks to a leak down below in the crawlspace. Living in a zero-bath house was interesting for three weeks
  • Cheered on the Oklahoma State Football Cowboys after they finally wore the 88 jerseys
  • Traveled to Cave Creek, AZ, a place we had never visited before.
  • Saw the Grand Canyon for the first time
  • Made the Sigma Tau Theta Nursing Honor Society, something I’m really proud of
  • Experienced death once again as Granddaddy needed to go see Grandmama
  • Traveled to Charlotte, NC and Washington, DC for a back-to-back road game with the Thunder
  • Turned 34
  • Started new family traditions for the holidays
  • Studied, studied, studied and fought harder than I have before for the grades that I wanted ultimately making really great friends in the process and completing my 2nd semester in 2nd college marking the halfway point in my nursing program
  • Traveled to the PNW for the 4th time staying in the same AirBnB that we stayed in 2 years ago. This was a first going back to the exact same place. We didn’t do a thing and loved it
  • Spent Christmas with our new families beginning new traditions and fun
  • Will be ringing in the New Year with friends!

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Looking back at 2018, I can see now what an incredible, life-changing year it has been. Fun was had, emotions ran high, places were seen and experiences were cherished. I think what has been the most fun however, is doing all this with the person I enjoy the most. Here we come, 2019.

Happy New Year!