Day One – Tumalo State Park to Mitchell, OR

Day: 1
Day Mileage: 79.9
Total Miles: 79.9

So I’m an emotional person now it seems. It began at my rehearsal dinner where I lost it. Happened again my wedding night. Happened most recently at a nursing graduation party. And for good reason it happened this morning as Megan left our campsite to drive back to Portland before flying back to OKC. It was a very tearful goodbye. And then I had a whole bike ride ahead of

It started out a pretty straight forward day. I was shooting for Ochoco Lake County Campground, just 11 miles past Prineville, where I would reach as Megan was pulling into Portland.

I sat down to have lunch and could barely eat. My nerves and emotions were getting the best of me. I ate what I could manage. I attempted to eat all of it knowing I’d need those calories, but just couldn’t. I decided then that’s there is just no way that I could arrive at a campground with 9 hours of daylight with me, myself and I and maybe no way to speak to anyone which depended on cell service. I made the call then to push ahead to Mitchell, an additional 47 miles. It was going to be significantly more than I had originally intended. Probably not the best idea to go HAM on my first day, but I needed some semblance of home, even if that just meant cell service.

I’m currently in Mitchell, Oregon at the Spoke’n Hostel, a church turned bicycle tourism advocate with bunk beds, a kitchen and a short walk to town where I had dinner at Tiger Town Brewery. I’ve been able to FaceTime Megan, text my family and message friends. I needed it. It’s only day one, but I remember the mental part of a trip like this is significantly harder than the physical. I hope to be less of a mess going forward, but it still may take some time.

Day One Bonuses

  • The support to go on a bicycle ride
  • A great vacation that included a weeklong bender of pizza, beer and everything else that I leaned on heavily today to get me to my destination
  • Climbing an hour and forty-five minutes for that decent
  • Trail angels right where I needed them
  • My first pass at 4,720 ft
  • The Digital Age
  • Encouragement from a group on motorcyclists at rest stop
  • Showers


  1. Jill Abbey

    Pretty awesome! Understandable that it’s emotional for many different reason! Can’t wait to hear about it and see amazing pictures! You have one very cool wife that supports what some night call kind of crazy adventures! Great luck to you!!!

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