Pre-ride Vacay

Day: T-minus 1 day to send off
Day Mileage: 0
Total Miles: 0

With the bicycle loaded into a cardboard box, checked into Southwest Airlines, Megan and I were off to Portland, Oregon. The flight was a bit bumpy into Las Vegas where we had about an hour before PDX. The Vegas airport, which we think each time we’re there, is.something.else.

Once we arrived into rainy Portland, I discovered that the bicycle box was inspected by the TSA. I can’t imagine they cared for placing it as it was with as much care as I had originally. Our backpacking pack had some new holes as well which was unsettling. We made our way to the Lyft line ordering an XL fully expecting being able to load the box into their larger vehicle. After two drivers declining to put down seats, we had no choice but to take a taxi for the 2 mile ride to Kennedy Elementary School, where we were staying for the night. We stopped here for drinks each time, but never had the opportunity to stay in this school that has been converted into a hotel/brewery/restaurant/theatre/pool. It was terrific.

We were off to Bend, OR the following day. Bend is ~120 miles away but three hours because of the route through Mt. Hood National Forest. We were able to find a camping spot at Tumalo State Park which was just 4 miles outside of Bend.

Once we were all settled, we were off to bed without any trouble. We were able to make breakfast at camp before we headed it to see Crater Lake National Park. It was unreal and very worth the drive down.

We had one more item on our agenda and that was to go see Lake Street Dive and the Avett Brothers which is what set this whole vacation and trip off. The concert was really great though LSD didn’t play You’re Still The One, but still they were great and the Avett Brothers put on a great show also.

Wednesday was the day to relax. We did nothing. It was exactly what we each wanted and so…we did that.

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