Day Two – Mitchell, OR to Dayville, OR

Day: 2
Day Mileage: 38.1
Total Miles: 118

Day two began after a 10.5 hour nights rest at the Spoke’n Hostel. I woke up just before 7am and I knew I was going to make it a lazy morning. I spoke to Pat, who ran the shop, last night and he was sure that I’d be able to make it to John Day today which would have put me at 70 miles for the day. I had options but both began with a late start. I made coffee, showered and chatted with my bunk mate, a man named Tom, originally from Kentucky, traveling on foot for the past 12 years finding jobs where he could.

Before leaving, I rearranged my gear, adjusting the weight distribution and found my butt butter. I was in a hurry to leave the first day that I didn’t bother to find it only to have paid the price after 80 miles. I made sure to find it this morning. I also made sure to fill up my two Nalgene bottles and my 24 oz water bottle before leaving too. And with my situation handled and water filled, I was off for the day at 10am.

I didn’t quite know how my legs would be initially but I knew I had a climb immediately out of the gate. That climbed lasted all of 6.5 miles of uphill and an hour And ten minutes before I had reached the summit of my second pass at 4,369 ft. After that hour, it took me a little more than twice as long to reach Dayville, another 33 miles, nearly all downhill.

Once arriving in Dayville close to 1pm, I had a decision to make: either continue on to Mt. Vernon or remain in Dayville for the day and cut today’s ride short. I met a guy named James on day 10 of his TransAm trip who was finished for the day and staying at the near by Presbyterian Church where they’ve opened the doors To cyclists for full use of their church, laundry, kitchen, showers and WiFi. Needless to say, I stayed in Dayville.

We had a chat over Budweisers in the nearby park and finished it off with dinner at the Dayville Cafe where James was treated to his first burger off the trip. Were planning on making pancakes in the morning before heading out to our destination tomorrow in Austin Junction, 60 miles down the way.

Day Two Bonuses

  • Coffee. Unlimited coffee.
  • ice cold water bottles. All of them.
  • a tail wind that cools you off going uphill because you are going terribly slow
  • a descent that will make you physically shiver because of your sweat drying
  • energy chews and raw ramen blocks that you eat as candy bars on a ride because you haven’t quite figured out how to fuel properly
  • My first rider to run into


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