Day Eleven – Lochsa River Lodge to Missoula, MT

Day: 11
Day Mileage: 57.4
Total Miles: 642.2

I slept great. It was easy to since there were no dogs, I rode almost 90 miles and I was clean. It was chilly outside of the tent but I was warm inside. I got up just before 6 because that’s why I do when I go to bed at 9 having exercised for an entire day. I waited until the lodge opened at 7 where I had my fill of coffee and pancakes. This is why cyclists stay for free. I made up for it elsewhere. 

Knowing I had a smaller day today with one big climb up Lolo Pass to start, I wanted to get going but the pancakes and coffee along with the cooler temperature thanks to the elevation, it was slow going out of camp. We got on the road just after 9am and were climbing immediately. It was going to be a long climb but still not as steep or as much as previous climbs I’ve come to thus far. It was cloud cover and cool the entire climb but I was still sweating. As I approached the top of the pass, I could see “Welcome to Montana” and just like that I was into my 3rd State and back in mountain time. We took time to take pictures and bundle up for the decent into Lolo Hot Springs and finally into the town of Lolo. Stopping at the gas station for a coke and a pick-me-up before heading the final 12 miles into Missoula. 


James and I rode for the final time together into Missoula. We said our goodbyes with plans to meet tomorrow for a celebratory drink and I made my way to the Adventure Cycling Association offices for a photo before finding my way to WiFi as I waited for my friend Chad to pick me up. I worked with Chad in Dallas when I had my first internship in college before working together at the same company a year later at my first real job. He moved to Missoula almost 8 years ago while working remotely. Megan and I visited two and a half years ago over the winter break. He got back into town from Whitefish and we went to have dinner before heading back to his house. I met his girlfriend Olivia and we chatted for a few hours before finally crashing from the 6 days of cycling. Tomorrow is a welcomed rest day where I’ll do some bike maintenance and pick up supplies for the trip going forward. 


  1. Jill Abbey

    I am SO enjoying your posts!! Amazing adventure that you’re on! I love the “little” things- excitement over the immediately available and made by someone else coffee, the shower reports and things like finding the license plate! The pictures are amazing!! You’re inspiring me. To do what, I’m not sure but I am truly inspired by your adventure!! Great luck!!

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