Day Fourteen – Hamilton to Wisdom, MT

Day: 14
Day Mileage: 74.6
Total Miles: 764.4

I didn’t sleep all that well st the fair last night waking up a time or two throughout the evening but managed to sleep until my alarm.v I’ve set my alarm for who knows why because I have pressed snooze like I do at home only this time, it’s so that I don’t have to get out of the sleeping bag. 

As I rolled out of the tent I began to pack up. It’s easier this way so that I don’t get out of the tent until the tent is needing to be broken down. My sleeping pad, sleeping bag and pillow are all packed and ready before I unzip the tent. You would think this save time.. it doesn’t when bike packing as everything still needs to be reorganized almost daily so that weight is distributed equally. Once I made my way out, the fair ports potties were a short walk away.  This is twice now where I’ve hit “day zero poets potties” and I tell you, it’s not too bad. As I made my way back to the tent, the family in the trailer I was camping next to was eating breakfast. The daughter walked over and handed me a cup of coffee saying that they thought I’d need it and to just set the cup on the trailer when I was done. It was terrific, thoughtful and got the day going on the right foot.

I made my way to McDonalds to get ready for the ride, charge my electronics, brush my teeth and have a meal before heading out. As I got back to the bike, I realized my glasses and the rear view mirror I had just bought were not on me nor in my panniers. I backtracked to the camp and found them in the grass. That’s now two items I lost and then found in Hamilton, montana. Once those items were found, I was off for the day.

The first 15 miles to Darby were easy going but I decided to stop and refuel once again because I was going to need it with the climb ahead. I had another 20 Miles to Sula which was my destination yesterday and my destination today per my schedule but I wanted to make it to Wisdom and get the climb out of the way. In Sula, I got Gatorade and a few snacks for the remainder of the ride. Just out of Sula, it was time. I began what ended up being 2 1/2 hours of uphill to 7,200 ft and my first passing of the Continental Divide. From there, I had 26 miles of downhill with the help of a tailwind to get into Wisdom. Though I could see the town from several miles out, it took seeming,y forever to get to the final destination where I headed straight for food. 

After dinner, I went to set up camp at the American Legion Park that allows cyclists, hikers and campers pull in for the evening and is all donation based. I realized I didn’t have service so I made the 1/4 ride into town where I talked to some locals who gave me some advice for Yellowstone. On my ride back to camp, I saw an rv in town playing some music so I rode over and introduced myself. They also had cornhole boards set up, and they asked if I wanted to play. I did. After a beer with this group and a few games it was time to go to camp and take a hand pumped well water shower and head to bed. 


  1. Jeff

    It’s cool to see the pictures of the small town “Main Streets” and saloons and stuff. Everything looks busier than I would have imagined, but guess I didn’t really have a lot to go off.

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