Day Twenty – Jenny Lake to Jackson, WY to Jenny Lake

Day: 20
Day Mileage: 42.4
Total Miles: 1,128.2

I wanted to sleep in but there just isn’t really a way. I couldn’t. I was awake at 630 and began making coffee. It was incredibly nice to be able to roll out of the tent and not have to pack it or any of your stuff up. Could get used to that, especially with the views I had with my coffee. I wrote yesterday’s post when a red fox walked right up to me nearly. I scared it as much as it did me. It was collared I assume to keep track of him but it took a double take and then trotted off. After coffee, I loaded up my ONE pannier with dirty clothes and gadgets t be charged and made my toward Jackson.

Moose, Wyoming was only 6 Miles down a paved multi-use path alongside the Teton Range. I planned to stop there for additional coffee and maybe a bite. Instead, I found a visitors center and made my way through it looking at the history of the National park and it’s lore, including John d Rockefeller junior memorial highway rabies awareness race for the cure fun run. He owned 35,000 acres out here (still unsure how he obtained that) but then donated it to make it part of the National park system. Nice of him. Once I browsed the exhibits, it was only another 13 or so miles to Jackson.  

I arrived in Jackson hungry. With it being Tuesday after Labor Day I expected maybe things to be slower but it definitely wasn’t. I had never been to Jackson but it was busy. And it was touristy. I needed to make s stop at a bike shop to get a few items checked out and s screw tightened with a big wrench that I do not have. Once I had that situated, I had a lunch before going over to do laundry. I needed it. After knocking out the one load I had, I made my way back to the city center to check things out, charge some items and have a drink. I took my time before going back the 21 mikes back to Jenny Lake. Best part was that I knew I had a tail wind. It was going to be great. 

Those miles flew by. I arrived back at camp after about 75 minutes which is wonderfully fast for me being unloaded and with a tail wind. Once back at camp, I chatted with a cyclist who sold his dog walking company in Boston and has been on the road since May. He flew back to Boston for a wedding from Jackson last week and flew back to continue his trip. He suspected he could manage traveling for another two years with his budget before having to go back to work a real job. He had quite the plan going forward and carried a bunch of camera equipment to get some cool shots. I was back in bed by 8pm again. It had been a not so restful rest day though I felt great with the schedule going forward. 

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