Day Twenty-One – Jenny Lake to Dubois, WY

Day: 21
Day Mileage: 73.3
Total Miles: 1,201.5

I popped up early fully intending to get on the road early knowing I would reach the highest point of my trip so far over Togwatee Pass. I had to back track 13 miles before getting on the main route again. I made coffee and ramen and then was able to be out and on the road at 7:54. Making the start time, I’m pretty sure, my earliest which is incredible because I wake up early every morning. I just don’t get ready quickly. 

On my way back to the route, I took in the Tetons as much as I could looking back frequently and staring in my rear view. They are incredible and I was sad that I had to leave them behind at this point in my trip. I’ll be back however, with Megan, and and something softer under my butt. As I turned on the main road, I knew the climb was upcoming, but I just didn’t know when. I stopped for a coffee, sandwich, Skor and to refill my waters and then it began almost immediately after. 

It took 19 miles to gain 3,500ft of elevation lasting almost a full 3 hours. Nothing was ever incredibly steep, it was just lengthy and uphill that entire time. As I came up the final stretch to the pass I reached the continental divide once more.. and then I kept going up. Another 1/2 mile passed before I reached the highest point I the pass. It was literally all downhill from there. That’s s joke I hear quite often when doing a trip such as this and rarely is it true. Today, it was. I coasted into Dubois with s tailwind as the scenery changed dramatically and the temperatures warmed back up as I made my way back to 6,000ft. 

Dubois is a small town of less than a thousand and I’m staying at St. Thomas Episcopal Church where they offer up their community room for hikers and bikers. I’m sharing the room with 3 hikers on the CDT as they resupply in town. I walked down to the laundromat where showers are offered for 50 cents a minute. I probably beat a world record to shower but it was nice as it was my first real one since Saturday. I walked through the small town and surprising was pretty lively and I’m not sure what its economy is based on or if tourism is it. I plan to take my time getting out of town tomorrow on my way to Lander, Wyoming.

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