Day Twenty-Five – Rawlins to Saratoga, WY

Day: 25
Day Mileage: 43.7
Total Miles: 1,447.4

I have been watching the weather the past few days because of my last run in. I saw that the weather could turn ugly this afternoon so I unfortunately had to get out of the hotel room a little earlier than I wanted to and couldn’t take full advantage like I wanted to. Today was a day that I was nervous about. Though a short day with just over 40 miles, some of it was going to be on interstate 80, the only road leaving Sinclair, WY east. Literally the only road. 

I road past the Sinclair Refinery and I wanted to see more dinosaurs than there were. It was quite a set up in Sinclair, Wyoming and there was a terrific looking hotel in town. About the only thing in town apart from the refinery. Once past it, I was on I-80. For the first 2 miles, I was on a wide shoulder with really. O worries of the truck traffic, but then I hit construction. After spending a 1/2 mile nervously, I saw may way over to the under construction side of the interstate. It was beautiful. A well paved, not yet painted entire side of the interstate to myself for the remaining 10 miles. It was great. So great. Easy going. So little stress. And then I was off the interstate heading south to Saratoga for 20 miles.

I arrived in town just after noon. I had lunch while watching some nfl action. I had some time until I was to set up camp. In town, there are hot springs so I made my way to them. The hot springs were enjoyable and popular, even with s storm rolling in. I hung out in them for 45 minutes to an hour chatting with others who were enjoying them just the same. The weather was becoming increasingly worse and the wind was picking up. I made it back to my lunch spot to wait out the storm and eat again. 

After about 2 hours, the storm passed and it was gorgeous outside. Calm, sunny and cooled off. I found a place in town, copper line ridge, who offered a grassy area to camp for $10, the same as the city campground. This place however had showers, wifi and a covered area for my bike, which turned out necessary. As I was going to sleep, it began raining again. Nothing heavy but persistent rain. The tent was holding up and the sound of the rain on the rainfly put to sleep quickly. 


  1. Jill Abbey

    Hey! Sounds like things are going well! Annoying that the weather is a factor but I guess that’s life. The other day, we had gone to my dad’s Lakehouse in Grove and on the way back I read your posts to kevin while he drove. It was very entertaining! He had asked me what you were doing in life that you could take this much time off. I told him about nursing school and waiting to take the NCLEX. I am curious though and hope you don’t mind my asking, since you talk about money frequently, do you have a budget for your trip? To me it seems like it’s been fairly inexpensive. I find it fascinating! I’m not sure I could eat that much Ramen and peanut butter sandwiches though! Plus, some of the places you stay look slightly creepy. Haha!! Hoping for good weather as you continue! Take care!

    1. Ryan

      Lodging budget has been super inexpensive. The most expensive part has been meals. I could do it cheaper but that takes some of the fun away from it. Luckily, Megan has been super supportive of me.

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