Welp, I guess I need to go on record now and eat my own words. In my previous xanga entry, I wrote that we [OSU] we’re gonna get rocked by Tech. Come to find out, our football team from previous years showed up last Saturday and we ended up winning. It came as a surprise to me along with the entire nation I’m thinking. As for this next weeks prediction… I’m gonna say that we may pull it out, but it will be a struggle with Baylor in Waco.

We had our first round of 3 on 3 basketball games last night. The Battletoads, which consists of me, Landon, Scott, and Cole ‘muh fuckin’ Martin, have a record of 1-1 as of now. We lost our first one 16-19, but we could have played better but it was still a great game. The second game was a breeze. We played some frat team and we dominated them. We were goofing off the entire time and won 19-8 I think. Cole and I almost hooked up for a sweet ‘oop  but the basket didn’t go. I was feeling it from beyond the arc and the pass masters Scott and Landon were on cloud nine that game. The lanes were wide open for the schematics of their passing game. (I don’t know if that last sentence made sense or not.) Next Tuesday is round two and it’s gonna be sweet. We had a pretty sweet fan base for this round, but I hope to have more for the next game. Pleeeeaaaaase!!!!

This weekend is going to be awesome. Thursday, I am going to go out on Dusty’s land and sight in my gun for rifle season. RIFLE SEASON!!! Scott is going to come out there with me and shoot my gun. His first time to shoot a gun was a couple of weekends ago, so he’s gonna give mine a try. Then I am leaving Friday to go to Holdenville to go dominate a trophy buck. I’m not going to get a doe this season until the last day if possible because I want to take a buck. My first one was last season, a 8-point and I want to add to my collection. For those animal rights activists, I eat all the meat too so don’t worry. I’m not just killing them to kill them. Plus, I help keep the deer population under control. On Sunday I am going home to my parents’ house and I am going to have my birthday dinner with them. I asked for my mom to make Mexican food and I think she is going to. I love her cooking, especially her Mexican food. I don’t know what I am going to get from my parents. I didn’t ask for anything in particular so we’ll see. The past couple birthdays I have gotten hunting stuff. Freshman year, I got a shotgun for my birthday and a rifle for Christmas. Last year for my birthday, which also landed on the first weekend of deer season, I got a pretty sweet camo-ed out gun case. This year is a coin toss though. When I get back to Stillwater at midnight….it’s on!!

I got my second birthday present today and this time, it was from Scott. It’s a Bob Marley poster. It’s freakin’ sweet. I am a big fan of Bob Marley because of his music. Now my only task is to find a place to put it up without looking like I am a pot head. My first birthday present was from Kurtis. He got me a roll of pennies. I know what you are thinking, I mean c’mon… a roll of pennies, that’s only 50 cents. But it’s deeper than that, it’s 50 bottles of sweet nectar. Coin Beer night is going to be nuts.


 <—- I’ll see you in 5 days!!


The countdown is officially at 9 days. That’s single digits baby!

Last night was freakin’ amazing. We had about 10 people all go out to the Tumbleweed. It was so much fun. I was a dancin’ fool no doubt. I about got into a little scuffle with some random black guy who told me to “get up off my [his] girrrrrrrrl dawg.” The thing was, I wasn’t even dancing with her. Luckily, my reputation for being a smart ass to most everyone I encounter in these kinds of situation preceeded me. I just had to put him in his place. It was a good time none the less. It was the first time I had been out there in a good while and it brought back my love for dancing. Welp, it never went away, but I really do enjoy have Dance Parties… they are off the chain!! Look forward to Dance Party 2005 part 7 and then to Dance Party 2006.

I am planning on going on home tomorrow morning I’m thinking. I haven’t quite decided but I think it would be beneficial. I have two big tests coming up this next week and a book to finish. Good ol’ Babbit. I’m sure I could get some serious studying done at home and plus I would like to see my Mom. My Dad is at the river right now and I thought about just driving there if they were both going to be there because I love that place, but my Dad went alone. My Mom is babysitting her friend’s kid this weekend I think. Hopefully that won’t be distracting my learning.

I don’t even care about OSU football anymore. We are going to get blown away by Tech tomorrow. I’m not going to see that. BASKETBALL IS HERE!!!!! We have had two exhibition games and our team looks promising. We have come out slow in both games, but finished big. Torre Johnson is looking amazing and my boy Monds has stepped up his game this year a whole lot compared to last year. Pettway is doing way better too, and JamesOn is just being JamesOn. We got some newbies learning the ropes right now, but once we figure things out it will be solid. We have so much depth this year which is good when it comes down to tournament play. BASKETBALL BABY!!! Can’t wait until Big 12 play!!


I am still reading this Babbit by Sinclair Lewis. I have thirty more pages to read in two hours or so. I have to take a quiz over the first 13 chapters of it before midnight tonight. It isn’t a very good book, but since I have been reading it, I have come to like it ok. It is very slow and I still haven’t figured out what the book is really about besides this guys life. It’s about a realtor and his life in the 1920s. It goes on telling about his mornings, wife and family, his parties, his days at work, his fishing trips to Maine, and his ways about sneaking around on his wife. Atleast that is what the story is about thus far.  I wouldn’t recommend this book to the avid reader, unless you are taking business law and you have to…. then I would recommend it.

Two More Weeks!!! I plan on getting rather crunk that night!!

My Weekend In Review: Coffee Shops, Reading, Cooking Lessons, Basketball, Weatherford, Purgatory, Getting Nearly Out Of Debt, Basketball, Reading…

This weekend was pretty dang ol’ fun. I have been going to Aspen Coffee this past week and I like it quite a bit. It is relaxing and the coffee isn’t half bad either. I went there Friday evening and read a couple of chapters of my book and had two cups of joe… After that, I made a grocery run and got the ingredients to make chicken nuggets. I got the recipe for them off of the food network and I made my own honey mustard sauce. They were breathtaking. Saturday consited of going to hoop with Cole and socking him out in the face. He deserved it though, that trick! Then from there Gabe, Cole and myself all went to Weatherford and we got to see Cole’s old stomping grounds. Then went to this crazy party that resembled Purgatory. This party was like 7th grade meets college. It was weird but really fun. We had Dance Party and everything so it was really fun.

I’m off to do a little more reading. Georgie F. Babbit is calling my name. I love him!


I’ve never used this xanga to go off on how I am feeling right now…. so I figured I wouldn’t start now and keep it all in, bottled up. I always made fun of those who use xanga to express how they are actually feeling. I understand that it may help, but I am sure none of those out there, who actually read this, really want to know what’s up in my life. So here… peep this sich (situation)… some random thoughts brought to you in bulk!

My birthday is in 20 days. I am a big fan of birthdays, especially when they are mine and especially when they are my TWENTY-FIRST birthday. I am getting, what seems to be, quite old. I am getting into way too many upper level classes. Upper 4000 courses!! That’s crazy. After next semester, I’ll only have 21 hours left to complete to graduate. That makes for a relaxing Senior year I hope. I have a job lined up after college, in Dallas. I have mixed feelings about this because I lived down there this summer and I loved being down there, just not in the traffic and just not in the south side of Irving, TX. Those of you who live close by down there now what I am talking about. I am being replaced, haha, I now know how Joel feels. Hunting season is among us, and I freakin’ love it. I saw 10 does last weekend and I could have punched one, literally. It came within six feet from Dusty and I. It was pretty awesome. I like to talk to my parents, but only when we talk about subjects other than me moving something or having to do something. I would much rather talk about my life and how theirs is. When we do, I love it. I like my sister and its fun to hang out with her. We were never like that when we both lived at home. It was more of a hate relationship rather than a love-hate one. That has changed. My brother is still a douchebag…enough said. It’s gift giving season, they’ll be around. I love basketball. OSU Basketball is here… Go MONDS!! You’re my boy!! I got some serious street cred up at the Colvin. I run the courts with the good people. Hopefully that makes me good too. I play better when I do play with them and I love to play well. I don’t like scary movies at all. Why do I spend money to go see them. I watched Saw 1, again, last night. I think I defecated in my pants more than once. Tomorrow afternoon, we are seeing Saw 2. Don’t worry, I am going to wear my “Oops, I Crapped My Pants Diapers.” I’ll be in the clear. Sorry about the randomness.