A little update for everyone (the same 6 people that I talk to on a regular basis so they’ve been forced to follow my progress anyhow)…

Nothing has happened in my “big plan” just yet. I hope things start to get going in the spring but I do still have my plans in motion, they just need to gain speed.

I rolled my ankle at the very beginning of the year getting my run on so I was out for about 3 weeks. Because of this, I got a slow start to my 1000 miles in 2011. I’ve been making progress lately, even with the snow on the ground. My pace has picked up tremendously, which I find to be crazy, but I am completely ok with it. I’m running 5 miles around 7:20 min/mile pace. I am wondering if it attributed to my Operation LOBP that I am currently rocking hardcore. Since December 26th, I have lost a total of 12 pounds and am now weighing less than I did in college which is pretty crazy. I had a health screening a couple of weeks ago so I know what I need to do in order to get where I want to be. I have 6 more lbs until I can say I reached my goal. I am enjoying this healthy eating and healthy living lifestyle. Those days that I give myself to cut loose end up being rough but I need those days so I don’t get bored with everything. Again, I just want to apologize to Britnee and Scott and the entire island of Turks and Caicos… not sure if I will do more damage to Turks or Caicos. TBD.

Short update… I’ll keep you posted.

Zaleski, Ohio

Twenty-Ten is wrapping up and there have been a few changes that have taken place within the past year. I’m getting back to my “Sweet and Sour Sauce” days of doing things. I’m flying by the seat of my pants and I love living the WHYNOT lifestyle. That’s how I will be bringing in the new year.

Looking back at my 2010 New Year’s Resolutions, I did pretty well in accomplishing the majority of them. Here is a look back:

  • train and run in a marathon – check… twice.
  • lose weight – check… I was looking very pleasantly plump just because I didn’t do anything. It needed to happen big time and did. Back to my playing weight.
  • stop drinking coke – kind of check… It happened for 6 months but I got back on that horse. I think I’ll add that to 2011.
  • purchase a house – check… regrettably (kind of).
  • purchase “other things” – didn’t happen….came close but things fell through.
  • get accepted in an MBA program – check… got accepted into the MBA program at UCO, but decided to hold off.

The biggest surprise to come out of 2010 was me becoming a runner. I always got comments from people saying, “You must put in a lot of work at the gym to get your body looking like a soft-shelled turtle.” So I figured I needed to drop a few El-Bees at the beginning of this past year and to do so, I took up running. I set out to run one marathon and finish. It didn’t matter my time or my place, but I just wanted to finish. I printed off a training program, spent quite a bit of cash to get everything I needed for winter running and got in the zone. I completed the Oklahoma City Marathon in April and by that point in time, I was already signed up to run the New York City Marathon. I’m really glad I was signed up for another race already because I had something to train for. I’m not sure I would have continued running as much as I was if I didn’t have another race on the horizon. So I kept up my training and finished the NYC Marathon in November. Because of that second marathon, I am now hooked. I don’t have another marathon in mind, but I have continued running. It let’s me get out on the road and not think about anything other than listening to myself breathe. That’s the beauty of running to me.

Looking forward, I have a few things that I will be doing in Twenty-Eleven/Two Thousand and Eleven/2011. I am going to make things happen for me in 2011, but there are a few that I can’t voice on this forum. Those who I have told, know it is a big deal and something I really really want. Things need to happen in order for me to follow through with it, but I think once the new year hits, it will pick up speed. I AM MAKING IT HAPPEN. Also in 2011, I plan to run to Zaleski, Ohio. Well…I’m not really going to run to Zaleski, Ohio, but I do plan to run 1000 miles by the end of the year. 1000 miles puts me right at Zaleski, Ohio.

I hope to keep this map updated and let you know where I am throughout the year. You can also follow my progress on Runkeeper. Alongside this whole 1000 miles quest, Operation: LOBP will be in full effect just in time for Wedding Season in Turks and Caicos!

2011 should be a really fun year on the Ryan Doonkeen front. I’m excited to see what it brings me. I have already kicked things off, except for the tracking of the miles, and I get more and more excited each day. I’ll be keeping up with these 2011 resolutions on 43things.com. Cheers!

4:00:08 – A Doonkeen Dot Com Exclusive

So you remember that time when I ran a marathon and then only updated my blog twice before running another marathon? That was awesome.

On November 7th, 2010, I took part in the world’s biggest foot race, the New York City Marathon. 26.2 miles through all 5 Boroughs of New York City starting on Staten Island, running through Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and finally winding down in Central Park in Manhattan. The experience was amazing and I am so glad that I did it. I trained for 18 weeks for 4 hours in New York City. Unreal but soooo worth it. This was my second marathon ever and I was shooting for sub-four hours but did not know how to realistically set my goal because of the number of people in the race… 45,500. I figured it would be slower due to the logistics, but wanted to try my best to get 4 hours.

The morning of the race, I got up from one of the best nights of sleep I had in sometime. I had gone to bed at 8:30pm Eastern Time, slept the entire time, including the hour that we “fell back” and woke up at 4:30am. I put on my running gear, which included my #22 Jeff Green Oklahoma City Thunder jersey, and had my brother-in-law take me down to the Staten Island Ferry. I got there around 5:30 and my ferry was supposed to leave at 6:15 but decided to wait it out and leave around 7:00 knowing that all there was to do while on Staten Island was sit in the cold. I jumped on the ferry right at dawn as the sun was coming up over Brooklyn (an amazing sight). Twenty minute ride over to Staten Island where I literally sat and waited in the 35 degree temperature for 2 1/2 hours until my start time at 10:10am.

This is where the fun begins… the start. We were led up to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which connects Staten Island to Brooklyn and we were off! One mile uphill on the bridge and one mile downhill to Brooklyn. This was one of the more surreal moments during the 26.2 miles. There were so many people racing and there were so many people racing in good spirits at this point in time. Everyone was excited to be where they were after many months of training, it all came down to this. I had my gloves on and was running in a beanie that Dunkin’ Donuts handed out while waiting because starting temperature on the bridge was 40 degrees so it was a little chilly above the water on that bridge. I remember more from this marathon because I was just trying to take everything in while running and not really focus on the running part, so I am going to break it down into bullet points of what I was thinking when I was thinking it… here goes!

  • Mile 1 – What in the world!?!? This is amazing. So many people… look, there’s Spiderman… and a Seattle Sonics fan and a banana, “Hey, watch your elbows!”
  • Mile 2 – Really, my shoe came untied already!?
  • Brooklyn. It’s weird running down a street in NYC that I know very well… 4th Ave. For sure a different vantage point this time.
  • Mile 3-6 – I am so glad that I wore this Thunder jersey. Everyone keeps cheering and saying “Go Thunder” and “Go Kevin Durant!” even though it was a Jeff Green jersey.
  • Mile 7 – Look there are some OSU flags!! There is my Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother-in-law. I am so glad they made this trip to watch me. It was a great moment that boosted me. I saw them one more time on the route and that time was even more important.
  • Mile 8 – 4th Ave and Presidents Street – Looking for Caroline to see if she made it out to watch, I see her house which is pretty awesome to recognize a place you know while running the NYC Marathon.
  • Mile 9-13.1 – I really just remember seeing a ton of people as we finished up running through the rest of Brooklyn.
  • Mile 13.1 – Only half way!? Entering Queens now.
  • Mile 14 – Best sign(s) so far. Three signs. “HARDER!” “FASTER!” “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” Thank you for the laugh, I needed that
  • Mile 15 – Best thing I’ve heard someone yell so far, “You have fantastic stamina! I’m single!!” I stopped, we exchanged pleasantries… a minute and a half later, I’m running again. *EDIT: It was a girl who yelled this*
  • Mile 15.5 – Crossing the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan. This was another surreal moment. For the first time in the marathon, there is no one on the road except for runners. No fans, no noise, just you and the road. You can hear yourself breathe and think for the first time. Things kind of start to sink in about your whole experience as well as the pain. This was one of my favorite moments during the race.
  • Mile 16 – Coming off the bridge onto 1st Ave in Manhattan. This was the craziest section of the race. People here were going nuts and they were everywhere! I saw my family one last time on 1st Ave but only for a brief moment and then I was past them again.
  • Mile 17 – My left foot is numb because my toe had been slamming against the front of my shoe this entire time. *My middle toenail is still black because of this (it’s November 26th right now).
  • Mile 18 – Around 90th and 1st Ave…. “JEEEEFFFF GREEEEEEN!! JEEFFFFFF GREEEEEENNN!!!” That was super cool to hear coming from an apartment balcony
  • Mile 19-22 – I honestly don’t remember a whole lot from this part of the race. We crossed two bridges I know. One going into the Bronx and the other coming back into Manhattan from the Bronx.
  • Mile 23 – *hitting the wall. This was the first time that I started to really struggle. I was 3 miles from finished the New York City Marathon. My quads were really really tight and were beginning to really hurt. At this point, I stopped for a moment, walked to the curb and brought my leg up to stretch out my right quad… bad idea. Immediately, my right hamstring balled up and a pain shot through my body. I thought to myself, “No way this is happening right now.” I brought my leg back down, stood for about 30 seconds not moving waiting for my hamstring to go back to its normal position. Finally it did and I limped into my run again… as soon as I did that, it felt great again. It was the weirdest deal but thankfully, didn’t stop me completely.
  • Mile 24 – Entering Central Park. When you think of Central Park, you think of all the beautiful pictures you’ve seen of the place and how open it is in the middle of NYC. What they don’t tell you is that it is full of tiny hills and inclines that really do a number on you when you’re on mile 24, 25 and 26 during a marathon. These hills were sneaky because you are very tired at this point and you are just waiting til you see that “FINISH” sign. Complete torture.
  • Mile 25.6 – What I thought was the finish just beyond this final stretch…It wasn’t. It was just the final stretch before turning onto the final stretch. Very deflating to think you are almost there only to find out that there is still .4 miles to go.
  • Mile 26.2 – FINISHED – 4:00:08!! Legs hurt to no end but so excited that I finished. That was ultimately my goal.. to finish and I did it! Now, you have to wind your way up and down these small little hills again just to get out of Central Park. Taxis should have been there waiting.

The New York City Marathon was so memorable. I will never forget any part of that trip, run, experience…. except for those parts where I blacked out in the middle of it all. Maybe one day, I’ll try and do this run again. We’ll see. I LOOOOOOOVVVEEE NEEEWWW YOORRRKKK *as said in a VH1 “I Love New York” Episode ending way. You know what I’m talking about. Don’t pretend you are too good for VH1 reality shows.

You’re So Last Summer

(Listening to a little TBS as I write this)

Summer is coming to a close and of course by summer, I mean weekends during May through August. Summer hasn’t been “summer” for quite some time for me. Not that I mind it too much because I do enjoy getting paid. This summer was kicked off by a road trip to NYC. It was fantastic. A total of 49 hours in the car, a random “hostel” in western Pennsylvania, $168 in traffic fines (two separate tickets) and some awesome food and memories. This summer was also the summer of weddings. I had a total of 6 to attend so that consumed many Saturdays this summer. The first one was at the beginning of May, the last one was the middle of August so it spanned the entire summer. The dance floor was a huge hit at the majority of these. It was awesome. Only made it to the lake twice. That was the only disappointing thing that happened throughout the summer. I made up for the lack of lake by maxin’ and relaxin’ all cool by the pool with friends a number of weekends though. That pretty much sums up the whole summer. Weddings and sun. Loved it!

Football season is fast approaching as is the cooler weather which I am definitely looking forward to. Go Pokes!!

4:11:16 – A Doonkeen Dot Com Exclusive

April 25th, 2010. I completed my first marathon in Four hours, Eleven minutes, and Sixteen seconds. The 10th running of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon – A Run to Remember was a great marathon to choose to be my first. Over 23,000 participants lined the street in front of the Oklahoma City National Memorial at 6:30am to kick off what proved to be an exciting/excruciating 4+ hours.


Many people ask what goes through your mind when running a marathon and honestly not a whole lot goes through your mind. For a solid 3 1/2 hours, it’s “left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot,” but there were a few distinct moments that I remember where I was and what I was thinking throughout the 26.2 miles.


  • 17 minutes before start time – “Gotta find a bathroom quick! There’s one.”
  • 3 minutes before start time – “Gotta find a bathroom quick! Need to stretch but I can’t really bend down much as I’m dry humping that 55 year old that’s standing in front of me. I’ll forgo the bathroom break.”
  • Mile 0.0 – “Amazing at how many people there are and how many people are cheering runners on at 6:30 on a Sunday morning.” There was a huge smile on my face as I crossed the start line in front of the Memorial.
  • Mile 1 – “That lady is running barefoot.”
  • Mile 3 – “This is so awesome running up to the Capitol with the sun rising in the east, directly where the statue on the domeĀ is looking.”
  • Mile 5 – “Seriously, only 5 miles…..”
  • Mile 7 – “That’s a great sign.” It read, “RUN THIS BI@#$%@”
  • From mile 7 to mile 13.1 I don’t really remember much
  • Mile 13.1 – “HAAALLFFFWAAYYYY”
  • Mile 14.5 – “Thank goodness we don’t have to run into the wind any more!”
  • Mile 15.8 – “I lied.”
  • Mile 15.9 – “There should really be more water stops even though they have them everywhere.”
  • Mile 16.2 – “Single digit miles left!”
  • Mile 17 – “Thank goodness we don’t have to run into the wind any more!”
  • Mile 17.5 – “I’m glad I wore this Thunder shirt, I love it when they chant, “BEAT L.A.” as I run past them.”
  • Mile 21 – “SH@!#@” as I hit the proverbial wall that everyone talked about
  • Mile 22 – “I am just hoping to finish now.”
  • Mile 22.8 – “There’s that pace group I should have stuck with from the beginning…..” as it passed me.
  • Mile 23.5 – “Stretch it out, stretch it…damn, this sucks”
  • Mile 24 – Some guy runs by me and says, “Come on now” and that’s all it took, I kept pace with him until the end. Thanks stranger that ran past me, you saved my race!
  • Mile 25 – “This is it, home stretch! Let’s pick it up!”
  • Mile 25.5 – “AMAZING!!! I’m about to finish a marathon and all these people are cheering for me to finish.”
  • Mile 26.1 – “Look, it’s Beth.. and my parents…and Elvis. YES!”
  • Mile 26.2 – “DONE! It’s 10:40 on a Sunday morning and I just ran 26.2 miles. Where did my legs go? I can’t really feel them. I’m still kind of looking for that bathroom from the beginning.”
  • 4 minutes after finishing – “My leegggsssss.”

    [EDIT}The kid that blows past me at the end only had ran 5K at this point because he was the last leg of a relay… (I’m only saying this to make me look less pathetic as an 11 year old leaves me in the dust)


That was my first marathon racing experience. It was grueling from mile 21-24 but after crossing the finish line at 26.2 miles, I felt so accomplished and even though I didn’t meet my goal time at 4 hours, I was ecstatic to have finished a full marathon. I have been drawn into the NYC Marathon on November 7th, 2010 so I plan to keep running. I love how I got somewhat addicted to running and that I actually made time to train. It’s a great feeling to have finished a full marathon for the first time in my life! Run on!

I’m A Homeowner

I’M A HOMOwner!!! I closed on my house this past Monday, April 5th. It took all of about 50 minutes, but my part took around 35 minutes or so. I “skimmed” over all the important paper work and signed what I needed to sign. You have to sign those pieces of paper anyways in order to get the house. Whatevs.

Now that I’m in my house, the real work begins. I’ve started a video journal of the progress on youtube which can be found onYouTube and I’ll also be updating on here hopefully. Right now, I’m sitting on the master bedroom cement foundation writing this as a painter/texture-er is out in the living room adding texture to my ceiling and kitchen. My butt’s cold.

We’ve done a ton of work already and this weekend, hopefully things will start to shape up. I’ve had the help of some of my friends on this project and I appreciate them. My friends, Scott and Josh have helped out and I’ve had several offers from others to come help as well. They’ll regret that. I’ve actually done only one thing that makes the house look like it will in the end and that is we’ve painted the back two bedrooms. It looks good and I’m excited to I’m seeing progress now.

Here is a quick rundown (what’s a rundown) of the happenings:


Hopefully, I’ll keep updating videos and you can check back and take a look-see.

Life of the Moderately Successful and Adult

Figured I’d drop some knowledge on you folks and give you a update on things happening in the life of the moderately successful and adult.

To kick things off, I’m going to review a few things over there in the right hand corner titled “5 Things I’m Doing.” My marathon training is kicking in to high gear. This past week, I ran 33 miles including a long run of 18 yesterday. I ran the 18 miler 9 seconds faster per mile than my goal race pace so that was exciting. I finished in 2:42:05 which is exactly at 9 min/mile. I have a “light” week ahead of me but the weekday runs are somewhat longer than what I’m used to. I’m feeling good about this marathon as the race quickly approaches.

I’m a homeowner! Kind of. We have a contract signed and now I have to do a few things for the mortgage to go through and for everything to go down smoothly in closing. I will be contacting a home inspector this week to go through the house and to make sure things are working correctly before I move in. We are supposed to be closing on Tuesday, April 6th, so I have some work to do before that. When I do get possession of the house, I would like to do a few cosmetic things to the house. First, I going to need to replace the carpet in the house. So if you know of anyone with carpet connections (looking at you Kurtis) I need the hook up. Then I would like to have tile laid down in both bathrooms and entry way just to give it an updated feel. Also, there is the kitchen light that is kind of outdated, so I’m going to be getting rid of that before things are said and done. I’m excited about this whole situation even though it’s somewhat stressful and I know I’m going to be broke reaaal quick.

That’s pretty much it for the time being. I have a post queued up to go over the details of my “Kick-Off the Summer Vacation.” Beth and I are driving to New York City at the end of may. Should be a great time! So I’ll let you know when that write-up is posted.

Thunder Up.Greater Than.Cowboys Forever

I don’t know when this thing started to consume my life. It’s becoming quite ridiculous but I can’t help it. Soon, Jeff VanVonderen will need to step in before it gets even more out of control. The Oklahoma City Thunder is my vice.

I began being a fan of the NBA starting my freshman year of college. I started playing basketball a ton at that point in time and began to follow the NBA. No particular team or anything, just a casual fan that enjoyed watching the best athletes of a particular sport do work. When the Hornets were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, I didn’t really jump on their bandwagon, as I knew they would eventually return. When I caught wind of an OKC businessman purchasing the Seattle SuperSonics, I knew it was our team. But even then, I didn’t start to follow the Sonics because they were Seattle’s team so I was back to being a casual fan. I wish I could go back to that.

Enter the Oklahoma City Thunder. From the beginning, I was big time into it. No question, I was going to be THAT guy. As my friend, Josh Wade is about OU Football, I would eventually be THAT guy for the Thunder. As my friend, Cole Martin is about OSU sports, I would eventually be THAT guy for the Thunder. My orange wardrobe is slowly being overtaken by Oklahoma blue. My sports paraphernalia was slowing moving from Eddie Sutton’s face on a stick, to pennants and key chains with the Thunder logo on it. My John Lucas III jersey I received for Christmas one year was moved further back to make room for my Jeff Green #22 Away jersey. It all culminated last night when, after an amazing win against the Dallas Mavericks to make it our 7th win in a row, I was pulling out stats that the casual fan would not know of the top of their head. I knew what standing we were in in the playoff race and how many games back we were from the next position up (with the win over the Mavs). I’m not sure I can shake this thing.

This is having an effect on my life, both professional and personal. I find myself being a little depressed when the Thunder lose. It makes the day after the game that much more upsetting. Work doesn’t get completed with much enthusiasm. I often visit DailyThunder.com throughout the week. I don’t visit it that often after losses. I hate reading recaps of us losing. It just makes for a looonng day in general. My girlfriend is none too happy when the Thunder lose either. Our phone conversations are shorter and there is definitely a grace period that must be given before she asks, “Not Thundered Up?” If the Thunder win out [the next 30 games] I may get a raise AND a wife!

I hate that I love you so much, Oklahoma City Thunder.

Jeff Probst – The Maury Povich of the Majority of South Pacific Islands

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains is about to kick off next Thursday and let me just say this, I’m a fan. My friend Scott and I have decided to put on a Fantasy Survivor League with the help of Fantasy Survivor. (If you check out the Fantasy Survivor link, note the .net at the end of the url. I can only imagine what FantasySurvivor.com takes you to. Check at your own risk)

There is a legit set of rules to Fantasy Survivor and if you’ve ever played Fantasy Pick’em, you’ve got the idea. Really though, all you need to do is make a pick each week for 5 different categories:

  • Reward: Which Survivor will win or help participate in winning the Reward Challenge, if any.
  • Immunity: Which Survivor will win or help participate in winning the Immunity Challenge, if any.
  • Voted Off: Which Survivor will be Voted Off or leave the show.
  • Safe: Which Survivor will NOT be voted off during an episode.
  • Mystery Question – The Mystery Question will be a different question each week. The answer to this question will relate to none, one or more than one of the remaining Survivors. Additionally, Mystery Question answers do NOT include activities that occur during either the Reward or Immunity Challenges.

You also have a MVP which is a player you stick with from Week 1 and you gain additional points for each challenge they win individually. It’s going to be awesome! If you want to join just go to Fantasy Survivor and sign up for a free account. Our Tribe ID is “9094”, our Tribe Name is “JeffAsksQuestionsThatTieExactlyIntoAllTheTwistsGoingOnWithinTheGameOfSurvivorUnbeknownstToTheTribes” and the Tribe Password is “jeffismyhomeboy”. Additionally, the entry fee to join is $2.00 just to make things interesting.

Jeff Probst, the face of Survivor, has been around since the show’s inception and if anyone has tuned into the show, you know Jeff likes to be the antagonist. He’s one to poke and prod every contestant while at Tribal Council. He apparently watches all the video taken of the 3 days between and listens to every conversation (or his crew does) and then he goes on to tell everyone all about them in Tribal Council. If anyone listens during those elimination meetings, I’m pretty sure they can figure out what the H is going on. He’s fantastic at what he does and I enjoy how uncomfortable he makes everyone feel in the room. He’s also got a knack for putting out fires. CHICKEN TETRAZZINI!!

Don’t Stare At It

Why is staring directly at the sun not as big of a deal as an adult as it was when we were kids? I swear I heard it at least twice a day all through elementary school, but I’ve maybe heard it 4 times total since the 2nd semester of 7th grade. Seriously though, it’s like as soon as I started learning what a rhombus was, looking into the sun was on the back burner of every educator I came in contact with. I guess once maybe puberty hits, your retinas develop just the same and become stronger? (EDIT: Everyone knows that I didn’t hit puberty until High School, so don’t even think of making on comment on that!) I’m pretty sure I looked at it recently and it hurt just as a remember and was unable to stare for the amount of time I had hoped for. When the next solar eclipse rolls around, are we going to hear from our bosses, “don’t look at it directly, here, take these glasses that have an undeveloped roll of film as lenses and then you can look at it.” I don’t think so. It’s just not on anyones’ minds anymore. Why I ask?!? It still does just as much damage, I’m sure, and we all need a reminder every now and then. Next time you’re out and about on a sunny day, just stop and say to your neighbor, coworker, friend, high schooler, “Hey, remember not to stare directly at the sun… and don’t sit so close to the TV either.”

This has been a PSA from yours truly. MIND BLOWN!!