One Love

Getting back to my reggae roots…… what?!? For those who know the “Sweet & Sour” story, you know what I’m talking about.

The song by Isasha titled “Don’t You Know” is high up in my favorites list. Check it out if you get a chance.


Pictionary in 3…2…1…go

    OKC1 OR caesar_3 ????

I AM31069.









3.) DSC06358

IN THE END, IT IS MY  nbc decision 2008 .

WHEN IN rome_coliseum!

Take your guess by commenting….

Possible solution: “Aerial view or Julius Caesar? I am pumped that I have 4 fingers. My options are as follows: 1.) Become an amateur cartoonist. B.) Crash a UHaul truck never to get my deposit back or 3.) Build FedEx forts and get paid pretty well for it only before going ballistic to a fitting song. In the end, it is my presidential election. When in bottomless acient coliseum.”

Solution: “Oklahoma City or Bust??? I am in a pickle at the moment. My options are as follows: 1.) Begin interviewing for jobs down here. B.) Move back to Oklahoma City 3.) Continue to work at Targetbase and probably dominate a computer screen or two before being fired. In the end, it is my decision. When in Rome.

I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse…

If you were to look at my last post, it said I was currently reading “Underboss: Sammy the Bull Gravanos Story of Life in the Mafia.” That was a lie… I was not currently reading that book at that time, but NOW I am currently reading “Underboss: Sammy the Bull Gravanos Story of Life in the Mafia.” It is so freakin’ awesome!! It is about Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, the Underboss for John Gotti when he was the boss. It’s like the  real life Sopranos. That is what makes it so awesome. It goes into details of all the hits that he went on and, in detail, the way he did everything in the mafia. It is nuts because this stuff really happened to real people, not just characters. I can’t put it down (unless I have to… bathroom breaks (not all of them), cooking, work, driving, etc.). It is a real page turner… If any of you that read this want this book after me, talk to Beth because it is hers. I recommend this book so much.

And I leave you with a famous quote,

“Does your mother sew? BOOM! Get her to sew dat!”

            – Gertbeef Frobe