Today was somewhat off the hook. How it can be somewhat off the hook and not all the way off the hook beats me. I went out to eat with my “boss” and a few “co-workers” at a mongolian barbeque place here in town. It was really good for the hour and fifteen minutest that it stayed with me.. hey ohhhhhh!!! For dinner tonight, I’m thinking a little extravagant… maybe two, count ’em, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I ran out of bologna AND cheese last night. I am coming home for the weekend this weekend. I am really excited because I get to do laundry. I’ve had no undershirts for the past 4 days and I haven’t had underbritches for a day or two now.. yikes!! This weekend, I may be going to lake eufala on friday night with scott. If not, I am going to go up to stillwater to check out the house. yes!! i am kind of excited about this xanga thing… the only people that read it, are the people that i expected to read it. it’s lovely. peace… i got 4 quizzes to submit in 48 hours in my accounting class. if i am going to go anywhere tomorrow, i have to get these done. leave me a GIGGITY, GIGGITY, GIGGITY… i like ’em alot.


So I gave in…

I now have a xanga site myself. This site is really just for my psyche. I apparently feel the need that I need a moral boost. In order to do so, I figured that I would start this so I could think that people want to know what is going on in my life. Here goes….

I am currently in Irving, Texas in the rough part of town. I am doing an intership down here and those who will probably read this, already know what is happening down here. I only have a week left here. I am all encompassingly excited about going back to the city. When I get back, it will be 4th of July weekend and we’ll be heading to the river. Hopefully, nobody dies this time around. Then from there, I am moving back up to Stillwater to start the rest of my summer school. Finally, I’m going to be living in MY (rent)house. We will be having a house-warming party, so keep on the look out and you all with have to partake. I am off to do my accounting quiz right now, so hopefully this first entry will suffice for the time being. Holla back!